Photo by Alva Pratt on Unsplash

How multi tasking is frying your brain.

Multi tasking may seem like a fantasy to you, everyone wants to make the most out of their time. But we are all wrong when it comes to multi tasking as our capability, the goal we should fore seek should be better productivity and efficiency to consume less time for a particular task rather than seeking multi tasking approach.

Bust these assumptions about multi tasking.

1. You can work upon more than one thing at a time.

It’s a proven fact that our brains aren’t capable of dividing attention while retaining 100% of it on a task, to put it simply you can’t perform any task at full potential if you are actually focusing on another. Focus is the key to better efficiency.

2. It can keep your brain healthy.

On the contrary it can fry your brain and turn you into a maniac, that being said you need to understand the side effects of dividing your attention and how it’s a threat to your health. It results in failing at all tasks including health, miserably.

3. Saving time with multiple tasks being done.

You’re actually wasting your time when you will have to spend as much time in revising the work you’ve done. So you’re actually spending 1.5 times the effort and time upon applying your multi tasking skills, also degrading the overall quality of the work you’ve done.

4. You can make a 6 in the air with your hand while rotating your feet clockwise.

The most profound example of how humans aren’t capable of multi tasking is by trying this task and seeing for your self the limits of our brain. It helps us realize we can’t work in two opposite directions simultaneously, let alone multi tasking.

5. Sufficient attention is divided to each task.

There is no way of doing so for humans, the attention cannot be completely divided and it’s a fact that none of us would ever be able to simultaneously think or do two things. You can however shift your focus and segment your attention in micro seconds of time to multi task, but with so much on risk and so many health consequences it’s better and more productive to not do it.