5 Signs that stamp you as a ‘Multipotentialite’

Many people you meet in life are so sure about their career that it makes you wonder why you aren’t one of them. Not everyone is the same. People who career hop and are still aren’t sure as to what exactly they need to do in life, but have multiple interests are simply ‘Multipotentialites’.

Here are clear cut signs of multipotentiality that stamp you as a ‘Multipotentialite’. Read on and find out whether you are one of them or not-

  1. Routine jobs are not your cup of coffee – You don’t like doing same thing over and over. In fact, it amuses you as to how can people live and die in a same job, doing same things in and out every single day of their life!
  2. Anything that offers knowledge catches your interest instantly – You tend to soak the knowledge matter so brilliantly that you feel like you deserve so much better.
  3. You feel claustrophobic in a single job – One job, one project, and one responsibility for the rest of life? The thought scares you like hell. After some time, if you start feeling trapped and choked in a single job, you are potentially a Multipotentialite.
  4. Commitments are so not a part of your personality – Because; commitments bound you and chain you to do one thing over and again, which you simply hate. You are a free bird and can leave anytime. So, no commitments, please!
  5. Failures? Well, that’s called experimenting & exploring life with lessons & experiences – If this has been your mantra for life and you have been living on the edge, you are, my friend, surely a ‘Multipotentialite’.

Well, there are actually a lot of us who don’t have one true calling. It isn’t something that you should be worried about.

(Source: Multipotentialites.com)

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