5 things to remember when you wake up on a ‘Difficult Morning’

Handling your difficult morning!

It doesn’t matter why but there are mornings when you don’t feel to get out of the bed and start the day with all your energy — that is the so called difficult morning.

I ‘m sure you all know what I mean and how you feel when you know that you don’t have any special plan or anything new to work on during the day. I personally have mornings like these so have to fight with and have learnt over time; now I ‘m started to play with it while experimenting new things alongside; may be you can do something similar…

  1. Tweak Your Day — Sometimes it is enough to grab a new coffee flavor you never had in the past and you decide to start the work day a little late than usual OR you may want to do your morning walk through all-new route OR listen to a loud music when you are getting ready for work OR open your old personal pic gallery and cherish your unforgettable memories you had in the past. It’s all about what works for you so trying something different is the key here.
  2. Surrender To Yourself — Accept the bitter truth of a weak morning and open your notebook and start writing about your future plans of your life; remember your perspective can change within minutes.
  3. Guided Meditation — Each day is a new chapter of your life. There is nothing better than Yoga or Meditation to start your day on a positive note. Doing this regularly can help you relax and will have a powerful impact on how your day is going to be.
  4. Do Your Biggest Tasks First — When you are done with the tasks which seem to be a problem by doing it first, the rest of your day will be available at your disposal to work on your other creative pursuits. Mark Twain, a famous researcher who has quoted, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day, because rest of your day would look pretty great by comparison”.
  5. Let It Go — If nothing works for you, understand that all days cannot end on a sunny note, accept your difficult morning and talk about it with your best friend or a partner. When you do this, you feel good because now you know there is someone who understands your problem.

Multipods — please do share your way how you create your ‘miracle morning’ so everyone knows what else can work.

Originally published at www.multipotentialites.com on February 22, 2016.

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