Do you have ‘Right Mix’ of employees in your organization? If not, soon your organization can be in trouble…

The Forte of Generalists and Specialists

It is getting almost difficult for an employer to collaborate different kinds of employees who possess a strong grip over their job. But thankfully, there’s a new class of employees surfacing so it will be rightful to classify employees in two sections now, viz. generalists and the specialists.

Generalists are the ones who have dominance over multiple job roles as they understand the pattern of doing diverse tasks. Some people also recognize them as people who take up ‘hybrid jobs’.

Competence of Generalists: We can understand the forte of Generalists as the employees who have developed their career from one job to another. Hence, they understand the pattern of doing different roles in the different fields. It is therefore beneficial for the employer when they want to hire an employee who is a multi-tasker.

Specialists, on the contrary are the ones who have niche over specializing in a particular type of job under a particular profession.

The Keys of Specialists: Specialists have a knack of the most fragmented classification of their profession.

Changing Times give Edge to Generalists: A generalist will have edge over specialist as he has the understanding of different jobs at a given time. It gives the advantage of developing career in a field if particular kind of job becomes obsolete with changing time. This is applicable in technological / management professions and in the times where different skills are required at a time.

Specialists Have Vertical Career Development: Specialists have vertical career development as they have forte in particular fragmented section of the profession. The person has in-depth knowledge of the job, which allows him to reach on the top starting from the bottom of the same ladder.

So, to conclude employers have to carefully choose the right mix i.e. generalists and specialists to keep their organization scaling up.

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