Having too many interests — a gift or a curse?

We often have a friend who seems to be clueless about life, but is still enjoying it. Do you have someone (who has many interests) like this in your circle? Well, this one person seems to be having the party of his life and it feels like the party never gets over. He is trying to play too many strokes at life and every stroke is better than the previous one. How, you wonder! How?

Well, many of us have too many life interests. Many of us feel like being a photographer at one phase of life and a writer at the next. May be some of us have been great chefs at some point of time and amazing event planners at the next. Master of all, jack of none — ever heard of this? Well, many of us believe that we can do multiple things, provided it just clicks the right time.

Is it a boon or a bane?

Let me explain this to you from both the sides.

Why is having multiple interests a boon? — Well, it’s simple. Changing times demand changing interests. It’s a gift that many people are born with multiple talents.

On the contrary, why is having too many interests a bane? — This simply seems like rowing too many boats at once to cross an ocean! How can someone keep switching career options and not stick to just one?

What’s my take on it? -Well, quite simply, I can say that having multiple interests is a gift that not everyone can afford. People born with such gifts can adjust to the changing work environment and employer preferences, technological changes and evolving life phases. We often envy such people.

All you need to do is identify your interests and play the right card at the right time. Voila!

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