Why Multipotentialites are surfacing everywhere now…

Is it something extraordinary happening in the world OR this world is changing faster than before that’s leading to people accepting the truth of being multipotentialites? The perspective that everything is changing and most of us still haven’t realized of something extraordinary going on around us. Let’s explore a few reasons here that make me believe why this is happening:

Now a days, not many people can stand the employment model anymore

Each one of us is reaching its own limit. Several people working in the large corporations can’t handle their jobs with their 100% focus and this has led to a feeling of disengagement at their work places. The lack of purpose has already started to knock the doors of each one of us as a desperate scream coming right from the heart.

The Rise of Collaboration among ‘Like-Minded’ Souls

In the recent past, definitely there has been a rise in the collaboration, sharing, giving hands and people once again interacting more with each other and looking for answers. With each passing day, more and more multipotentialites are able to connect with other like-minded people with similar interests, share their problems via Facebook, Google Hangouts, and several community groups available online. Indeed, it feels great!

The Rise of the Internet Media

Everything starts from the knowledge and Internet is a promising channel to unleash your multipotentiality and only now, after so many years we have understood its real potential. With internet, we are able to access the locked doors leading towards the sources of the hidden knowledge. Websites like YouTube, Ted Talks are flooded with a lot more meaningful content than ever, the result of which our minds are now opening up to the weird possibilities, the facts which were unthinkable before. Now, we can go after whatever we want, we relate with whoever we want to.

The Fall of Materialism

For many years, we were manipulated; I would say, stimulated to buy everything that was launched in the market, to have the latest car, the newest I-phone, the best of the brands, lots of clothes, and lots of everything. But now many people have already understood that it makes no sense at all and started realizing that we have organized ourselves in the most absurd way ever possible. And after all this, one spark of consciousness awakening can help us realize if we are in fact multipotentialites.

The Spiritual Awakening

Last but not the least, spirituality for many years was considered a thing of those mystical sadhus dressed in yellow robes. But fortunately, this is also changing. We have now got to the limits of our rational mind and realizing that science has failed to provide satisfactory answers to a lot of questions and works with its own limitations. And now we are awakening and we want to understand — How life operates? What happens after we die? What is this Conscious Energy thing that people talk so much? What are Quantum mechanics and Einstein’s laws of Entanglement? Why all spiritually enlightened people repeatedly say that thoughts become things and create our present reality? What is our relationship to the aliens, why Artificial Intelligence is considered to ruin humanity forever? How does meditation work? How ‘Reiki’ expert can cure people just with his hands? And what about these alternative therapies that doctors does not approve, but still work? So, exploring more about these things has led people know themselves better and perhaps their own ‘multipotentiality’.

Source: Multipotentialites.com

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