What is a Multipreneur?

Cassie Witt
Oct 7, 2016 · 4 min read

Over the last couple of years, I’ve realized something about myself: I’m a Multipreneur. Before we get into what the hell that is, I want to take a moment to talk about why I’m starting this publication. For my own use, it’s a chronicle. A chronicle of understanding how being a multipreneur can affect my life when I really work at it. It’s also a chronicle (I hope) of my successes. I’ll also include my failures and roadblocks, but I hope that these blog posts will help me narrow down why I was successful in the past at some of my many projects and why I wasn’t.

The larger goal is that this will hopefully help others in my position. I know there are others out there like me. Others who can’t seem to just start one project without starting another soon after. I even know several who’ve been successful at it.

Multipreneuer: A Working Definition

After looking through multiple articles, I’ve found that while there’s a quite a bit of literature on the subject, there’s not necessarily an actual definition of what it means to be a multipreneur. So, I’m going to try and define it. So far this is what I’ve come up with.

A multipreneuer is an entrepreneur who is actively involved in several projects at once. This could be said of many people, though (not just multi- or even entrepreneurs). So, I’m going to amend it to “a person who has the inability to start and finish only one project at a time”.

But, wait…aren’t all entreprenuers also multipreneurs?

The answer is a definite no. Not every entrepreneur pursues multiple business interests at once. In fact, many of them don’t.

Carey Green, a fellow multipreneur, has a really great post on 5 character traits of the multipreneur. They are:

  1. Ambition
  2. A drive to figure things out
  3. Varied talents and/or interests
  4. Willingness to “take the plunge,” over and over again
  5. A delight in being busy with a variety of things

If some of these sound familiar, to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy…you might be a multipreneur. Sure some of these traits are also shared by entrepreneurs and other businessmen. By their powers combined, though, they create a multipreneur.

Are Multipreneurs Crazy?

Still it seems insane to pursue multiple business ventures and other projects at once. Sometimes I think I am insane. I know my husband thinks I have shiny-object syndrome or squirrel disease. Believe me, I’ve had the conversation over and over again with myself on the practicality of pursuing multiple projects at once, especially while also having a full-time job. However, I’ve learned something about myself over the last year.

I’m just not happy putting all my effort into one thing. I’m also more productive and driven when I’m working on more than one project. I have no idea why this is, I just know it’s true.

How is this Different From Just…Life…in General?

How is it different from having multiple goals in life, business, health, family, etc.? I think the main difference is that you have a certain amount of time that you have mentally set aside for business stuff as opposed to family, personal, etc. Some of us have more time set aside in our heads than others, some of us less. The difference is that now you have to divide up that business time into multiple endeavors. Which means that you have less time to accomplish those multiple business endeavors. So, it’s more difficult to schedule that time with any kind of strategy.

Still I’m going to try. That’s part of what this publication is about. Finding out if I have the dedication to make this work.

How am I doing this with Limited Time?

So far, what’s been working is chunking. Or working on each project for a longer amount of time during different days of the week rather than working on each thing a little bit everyday. I’ll try to write more on this as I get further along and find out if it’s actually going to work, or if it’s just working “for now”.

Since I have limited time, due to my full-time job, I have to prioritize and resist that “squirrel” syndrome that I will (inevitably) fall into. That means committing to only a few projects and really questioning working on anything else that sounds like a good idea at the time. It also means that I have to set hard deadlines for my projects and try to hit them as much as possible, so I can move onto the other things I want to accomplish.

Right now, for instance my projects will be: my consulting gig (since that’s not going to stop), my SEO project, rebuilding my “Build Email Lists Fast with Facebook Contests” course, blogging 1x/week for my blog (this has waned lately), and NaNoWriMo prep. Most of these will have a deadline of the end of October to be finished.

I’ll be chronicling my progress as I go along. If you want to follow along, click the “follow” button and you’ll be notified of new articles.

Multipreneur: A Working Definition

Uncovering what it means to be a multipreneur.

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