Thibaut Sahaghian
Jun 20 · 3 min read

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Multis Token Swap! You can now swap more than 70 tokens from your Multis account. All in one place, in seconds: we’ve built the most convenient Decentralized Exchange experience for companies!

A Token Swap designed for companies

We’re on a mission to help companies manage crypto safely and seamlessly so they can focus on growing their business. We believe the integration of Multis with Kyber Network’s liquidity protocol is a huge step forward in this regard, for two main reasons:


We’ve built a unique integration with a multisignature wallet designed for companies, with multiple owners. We’ve added an email layer, so you can receive notifications each time your confirmation is required for a swap to be processed. We believe in self-custody and never hold your keys, and we’ve written more on this topic here. With the Kyber integration, swaps are also decentralized, so you’re in control of your funds, 24/7 🔐


We also made our Token Swap super easy to use for companies: You can swap more than 70 tokens directly from your Multis account, from ETH, DAI, BAT, or even Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). No need to juggle between multiple wallets and exchanges anymore: Multis enables you to have a consolidated overview of all your company’s assets, and your detailed trading history, all in one place (you’re gonna make your accountant happy). Moreover, Kyber aggregates through multiple token reserves to give you the best available price for that token pair, at that point in time. 😍

Helping companies make the most of their crypto

A growing number of companies own crypto. But it’s mostly sitting idle in wallets, because there are still too much friction to switch from traditional currencies. There’s still a long way to go, but we’re convinced our Token Swap functionality will help companies build, hedge and invest more easily.

Build with crypto

From Multis, you can now access utility tokens to build your infrastructure and run your application, from Golem (decentralized computing), to Raiden (micropayments) or Chainlink (decentralized oracle) 🛠️

Get stable coins

You can swap ETH to stablecoins like USDC, DAI or PAX. Crypto price volatility is hard for business. Stablecoins, since their value is pegged to fiat currencies, are a true game changer: you can now receive payments, pay bills and run payroll in crypto without worrying about market ups and downs 😅

Invest your funds

Finally, invest in seconds: if you’re a bit of a risk taker, you can swap tokens and get exposure to Bitcoin (via Wrapped Bitcoin) and other tokens to make the most of your company’s funds, rather than keeping them idle in your wallet 📈

Multis and Kyber

Last year, the Multis team set off with a big mission: build a business-friendly gateway to decentralized finance. The Kyber team has been a leading force in this field and their on-chain liquidity protocol is a foundational piece of tomorrow’s decentralized financial system. It’s proven fast, reliable, easy to integrate and we want to thank them for their amazing work and support 💪

Join the Movement

In a few days, we’ll also be announcing the launch of our fiat ramp (EU-residents for starters). We’re also working closely with leading decentralized finance players to provide companies a convenient and risk-free way to invest their treasury and get great returns… stay tuned 🤩

Multis is the first crypto wallet designed specifically for companies. A user-friendly and secure wallet built on top of a multisignature smart contract to help them access, manage and use crypto as a team. You can sign up for a Multis account here.

Multis is also hiring in multiple positions (growth/design/engineering): if you’re keen to join our team of crypto dreamers and contribute to our mission to democratize access to cryptos, send us an email at


Stories from the humans who buidl Multis

Thanks to Nizar and Théophile Villard

Thibaut Sahaghian

Written by

Blockchain explorer @multisHQ / Building the companies’ gateway to the crypto economy !



Stories from the humans who buidl Multis

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