Multitouch on Mojave

It’s been a long time since my last update, as I’ve been in the midst of moving to another country (and I’ve been working on another app that I’ll hopefully get out the door soon so I can go back to adding more stuff to Multitouch). Finally, I’ve gotten a chance to update Multitouch to work on Mojave. I had my fingers crossed that Mojave wouldn’t break too much, and that was mostly true except for one big thing. As you probably already know, a big focus of Mojave is security. This means that in order to listen to any events on a public framework, the user must authorize the app for accessibility in the Security and Privacy section of System Preferences.

Since a lot of apps already force users to do this, it’s not a super unusual thing to ask a user to do, but I really liked the simplicity of not having to do that for an app. Oh well. As part of the Mojave security changes, I’ll also be sending Multitouch to Apple to get it approved that it has no viruses. I think it’s only a matter of time before that becomes a must-do procedure for all apps sold outside of the app store.

I actually didn’t have to change anything to have Multitouch accommodate dark mode, since most of the images in the app are “template” (monochrome) or already looked fine with a dark background. It looks pleasant and I’m relieved it was as simple as not having to do anything.

The only other change I made in v1.7.0 was to add mouse buttons 4–32 as available actions. This plays nicely with Karabiner, and allows anyone a good deal more flexibility in building out custom actions.

Version 1.7.0 can be found at