Multitouch v1.5.0

Version 1.5.0 is now available for download! In short, this version brings you a few more Magic Mouse gestures and some long-needed improvements to the timing of tap gestures.

There’s been a decent amount of interest in Multitouch from Magic Mouse users, and I think this might be due to MagicPrefs users continually looking for a supported alternative. Because of this, I’ve been spending some time trying to determine which Magic Mouse gestures I really want to add. The Magic Mouse ones that are in v1.5.0 are really the main ones that feel intuitive to me and are not too hard to execute nor too easy to accidentally execute. If anyone has gestures that they feel particularly strong about (mouse or trackpad), feel free to put in a request or email me at

The tap gesture timing for “double taps” has been a little bit broken feeling for a while, so I’m excited to finally put a fix out in v1.5.0 for this. Double taps used to be a little too difficult to execute, especially with low tap sensitivity settings. It’s recommended to keep tap sensitivity set to high when using the double tap setting.

Also, when executing multiple tap gestures in a row, there was some strict timing needed to perform each tap. Now subsequent tap gestures are much easier to execute.

There’s a couple of ongoing issues that I’m currently looking into. The first is that tap-to-click sometimes still executes clicks during “rest one tap one” gestures. I’ve only seen this on the built-in trackpad on an older MacBook Pro, so it looks like it is only an issue on certain Macs. In the next release I will also be looking into ways to improve performance and reduce energy impact of Multitouch.

The release notes for v1.5.0 can be found here.