Multitouch v1.7.5

Version 1.7.5 is now available for download! There’s a few updates here, most notable being the addition of several new “keypress” actions. A lot of users try to record system shortcuts with the keyboard shortcut recorder that I use (MASShortcut), but system shortcuts will be intercepted by macOS before they make it to the app. The new “keypress” actions added in v1.7.5 are mainly just system shortcuts that can’t be recorded.

MASShortcut really wasn’t made to be used the way that it’s used in Multitouch anyway. It’s more of a way to record keyboard shortcuts that the user will execute back via the keyboard, not via gestures. There’s no open source keyboard shortcut recorder I’ve found that’s built for this, so I’m actually thinking that the additional keypress actions that I’ve added might just be a temporary addition until I can roll out my own keyboard shortcut input. My thought is that it would allow the user to input each key separately and then they would all be executed together when the action executes. My plan would also be to open source it, which would be a bit time consuming. It made sense to go ahead and put in the quick fix of adding these “keypress” actions for the time being.

I develop on a MacBook Pro with no external monitors, so, quite embarrassingly, I did have some crappy code that only took the main monitor coordinates into account when calculating where to execute clicks for click actions. Sorry for the misplaced clicks, external monitor users! This was fixed in v1.7.4, and rolled into the public release of v1.7.5.

Also, clicks will now synchronize for Magic Mouse users — meaning if you have a click action configured for a click gesture, then the mouse down will execute a mouse down and a mouse up will execute a mouse up as configured. Previously the default behavior was that the mouse down/up action would be executed after the click gesture mouse up occurred. This caused erratic behavior in CAD and other types of applications. In older versions of Multitouch, this behavior was available as a setting. I got rid of that setting a few versions ago, but now it is back for the trackpad.

Next I’ll be fine tuning more work on palm rejection!