Multitouch v1.8.1

Since the last post, Multitouch has had a few releases. In this post, I’ll cover the two most notable additions in those releases:

  1. Move/Resize window actions
  2. Rest one finger and swipe up or down with another finger gestures.

These two features together is something that a lot of JiTouch2 users have asked for. First I’d like to say that I think JiTouch2 is an excellent tool with some excellent ideas, but it hasn’t had a lot of support in recent years. It has a different design philosophy with its default configurations, and this is something I’ve thought about for some time with Multitouch but never implemented. At the end of the day, I like that Multitouch starts as a blank slate because I think it is perfectly acceptable to use it for only one gesture, or all of the gestures that you want to add in. A tricky part of implementing gestures is making sure that all of them behave well with any combination of gestures configured. All in all, I never set out to compete with JiTouch2, it just so happens that JiTouch2 users are pretty vocal because they really liked the product and want basically the same thing, but with more developer support.

Moving and resizing windows in Multitouch was something that I initially avoided implementing because it requires “Accessibility” to be enabled for the app. After Mojave, the app requires this restriction anyhow, so it made it a little easier to justify adding it in. Moving and resizing windows using Multitouch is a little different than some of the other similar apps in that the move or resize will stop when you lift your fingers off of the trackpad (or mouse), when you perform the same gesture again, or when you click. I found with the trackpad, that this behavior felt much more natural than being forced to execute the gesture again in order to stop the move/resize. Also, if you use a multi-finger gesture to execute the move/resize, then you’ll have to drop back down to one finger to perform the actual move/resize. Last, the move/resize functionality will bring the window being managed to the front. This felt the most intuitive to me, but if I have enough people wanting the managed window to stay in the background I don’t mind putting this in as a preference.

There are four new gestures total with the rest one / swipe one behavior, and this is to account for left/right handedness. On JiTouch2, there’s a setting for right or left handed. I don’t have this on Multitouch, so you’ll have to figure out which gestures you want. When swiping up or down with the right hand, you’ll want to perform the swipe with the finger to the right, and vice-versa with the left.

At some point, I’d like to add in some more window management behavior, like snapping windows and filling up screen halves, but that’s for another release.