【16th】MultiVAC Bi-Weekly Project Report 2.11–2.24: Testnet 1.0 “Phoenix” Is Ready

Welcome to read MultiVAC’s Bi-Weekly Project Report from February 11 to February 24. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to send your feedbacks to core@mtv.ac.

1. Development Progress

MultiVAC’s testnet is about to be released, and the technical work in the past two weeks has focused on joint testing and performance optimization.

1) Consensus sync development is completed, and bugs revealed in the joint testing are fixed.
2) Block proposition and cross-sharding transaction bugs in the storage node are fixed.
3) A complete data racing detection is done, and most of the problems exposed are resolved.
4) More than 20 testnet congestion issues are fixed. The testnet has been successfully run through and continues generating block.
5) For the stability of testnet operation, the team has developed a special monitoring script, which includes log analysis, an alarm function, inter-node block checking, and data consistency checking.

Smart Contract:
1) After a preliminary design and discussion, the framework of MultiVAC’s smart contract solution has been confirmed, but more details and the engineering design are expected to begin in March.

As our testnet 1.0 “Phoenix” gets ready, are you ready now?

2. MultiVAC Logo Upgrading

Our old logo, born in 2018 March and based on the initial letter “M” of MultiVAC, has been accompanying us for almost a year.

Today, while more and more people get to know about MultiVAC, it’s time to publish a brand new logo with richer connotation, more dynamic image, and trendier design which is in accordance with the scientific and technological aesthetics.

3. Sharding Killer Activity In Progress with Voting Opened

Sharding killer has been running for more than 20 days and has collected more than 200 entries. The submission session is over now. The team has selected 81 outstanding works, including 13 analysis articles that are particularly sharp and skilfully written, 20 videos that are cool but content-rich and 48 pictures that are eye-catching. Thanks for your participation and support for MultiVAC!

4. The Community’s First Bounty for Quiz

The market continues to be sluggish. But MultiVAC has held a Bounty Q&A for every one of our community members to get some benefits and feel warm in the wintry market. Over 50 members participated and generated over 200 discussion replies.

About MultiVAC

MultiVAC is High-Throughput Flexible Blockchain Platform based on Trusted Sharding Computation. It’s a next-generation public blockchain platform built for integration with large-scale decentralized applications (dApps). MultiVAC is developing the world’s first fast, efficient, and fully sharded blockchain with sharding for not only computation but also transmission and storage, maximizing throughput while maintaining decentralization and without sacrificing security.

At the same time, MultiVAC pioneers flexibility for DApps to trade off freely on the impossible CAP triangle between decentralization, performance and security, supporting large-scale decentralized commercial applications for complex and diverse business requirements.

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