A Letter to MultiVAC Friends at the End of 2018

Dear friends,

Hi! I am Frank Lyu, CEO of MultiVAC.

2018, as the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin, is an unusual year.

As a latecomer, MultiVAC has experienced the heated technical debate in the blockchain 3.0-to-be era, witnessed digital currency’s ups and downs, and contributed to the rising-up of the blockchain industry.

As an explorer, MultiVAC, with a strong belief in blockchain technology and industry, has made remarkable progress from 0 to 1 in technology, marketing, community, and fund-raising within 300 days under the support of many partners.

  1. Technology is the core of blockchain industry, as well as the original and eternal goal of MultiVAC.

Xiao Feng, the chairman of Wanxiang, once said that the reformative innovation comes from public blockchain, which led to the birth of distributed ledger, cryptographic privacy calculations, and token economy. Since its birth, MultiVAC has been committed to building the next-generation public blockchain, and seeking for breakthroughs with the most promising sharding solution.

  • In May, we published tech white paper “MultiVAC White Paper: A High-Throughput Flexible Public Blockchain Based on Trusted Sharding Computation”, pioneering a flexible sharding solution to the impossible CAP trilemma;
  • In June, we organized an all-star global team. At present, our team includes 20 algorithm experts and senior engineers from Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Stanford, Havard, etc;
  • In September, we published the tech yellow book “MultiVAC Yellow Paper: The All-Dimensional Sharded Blockchain”, putting forward the first all-dimensional sharding solution to achieve full scalability.
  • In October, we released the Lab Data, proving a TPS peak at 30,784 with 64 shards;

Just now, we updated the demo video of MultiVAC testnet, which will be launched in February 2019. Besides, the purple paper on smart contract state sharding will be published in early 2019 and hopefully the MultiVAC mainnet will officially meet with you the same year.

2) The community not only becomes the amplifier of blockchain, but also speeds up MultiVAC’s growth in hundreds.

If the technology was 1, the community would be numerous 0s behind MultiVAC 1, bringing its power to millions.

  • Since June, we have been ranked top on TOP7 and CryptoDiffer and highly appraised by the KOLs around the world;
  • Since July, we have attracted over 30,000 fans in our organic communities, who have been taking an active part in studying our tech, designing posters, writing reviews, and recording videos for MultiVAC.
  • Since August, we have traveled to 9 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Taiwan, Boston, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, so as to make deeper connections with fans around the world;
  • Since September, we have been reported by top media such as Cointelegraph, TACC, Yonhap and etc.

So many friends are paying close attention to us in every corner of the world, such as our promotion ambassadors in South Korea, technological translators in Russia, voluntary administrators in Canada, developers from Ukraine, investors from Argentina, we-media operators in Australia… With the progress of MultiVAC, more and more people are joining our big family.

3) Like-minded partners are helpful fellows as well as good teachers to MultiVAC.

As the saying goes, “Pearls are everywhere but not the same as the eyes.” MultiVAC has been very lucky to be favored by the investors, and to know so many good friends as well as teachers. We will always remember everyone who has been so kind to help us:

  • Thanks to the expertise of NGC Tony Gu, the devotion from Roger Lim, and the support by Wayne, Jack, Zi, and Anne;
  • Thanks to IDG Young Guo’s insights, Justin Niu’s guidance, and Feng Huang’s generous help;
  • Thanks to Signum John’s gentleness, YY’s instructions, Hashed Ryan’s enthusiasm, Ethan’s professionalism, XRP Micheal’s optimism, Geoffrey’s patience, ICODrops’ friendliness, Dfund Li Quan’s foresight and Lao Ge’s insight, Reflexion Kelin’s attentiveness, Zhu Li’s instructions and encouragement, Brad, Mandy, Matt and other KOL’s support. Thanks to you all.

Words can never fully express our gratefulness and gratitude. We will engrave your support and help in heart, keep on working hard, and build a truly world-class next-generation public chain in the coming future.

As 2019 approaches, MultiVAC’s testnet is to be launched in February. After that, the tech team will devote its full energy to developing the mainnet while continue to update relevant research and technical progress. At the same time, we will start building the global developers and Dapps community, changing our emphasis from technical breakthrough to ecological construction. Here, we sincerely invite all partners to work together to participate in MultiVAC’s ecosystem.

We stick to the belief that “The computing nature of blockchain is a Princeton architecture that can be separated from specific computing devices as well as a trusted computing paradigm that can be proved to the third parties. It aims at making the computing process truthful and credible, supporting self-verification of business logic in the upper application. As a result, blockchain will finally bring trustworthy computation to the world.”

Looking to the future, MultiVAC has only taken a small step in its journey. For now, MultiVAC might be just a small star shining in the galaxy, but we believe that by keeping on bringing more surprises to the industry, MultiVAC will become brighter and brighter, and will eventually illuminate the entire sky. As our slogan says, “Let there be light!”

Finally, I would like to share with you a quote from Stephen William Hawking:

Be brave, be curious, be determined, overcome the odds. It can be done.

I sincerely wish you all a happy holiday and all the best in the coming new year!

Best wishes,

Your Frank & MultiVAC team.








  • 5月,发布技术白皮书“MultiVAC Whiter Paper: A High-Throughput Flexible Public Blockchain Based on Trusted Sharding Computation”,创造性地提出不可能三角的弹性解决方案;
  • 6月,组建全球技术团队,目前MultiVAC有20名来自Google、Facebook、Alibaba、Stanford、Harvard的算法专家和高级工程师;
  • 9月,发布技术黄皮书“MultiVAC Yellow Paper: The All-Dimensional Sharded Blockchain”,首创五重全分片实现线性扩容的突破性方案;
  • 10月,公布测试数据,在64个分片的实验室环境下性能峰值高达30784TPS…




  • 从6月份起,我们获得了全球各大KOL的高度好评,在TOP7、CryptoDiffer等榜单上名列前茅;
  • 从7月份起,我们吸引了超过3万人的有机社群,社区粉丝们有人钻研技术、有人设计海报、有人撰写测评、有人录制视频;
  • 从8月份起,我们走过了北京、上海、香港、首尔、新加坡、台湾、波士顿、莫斯科、圣彼得堡全球九个城市,和全球粉丝共建社区;
  • 从9月份起,我们陆续被Cointelegraph、TACC等圈内圈外知名媒体报道。
  • 韩国的推广大使、俄罗斯的技术翻译、加拿大的志愿管理员、乌克兰的开发者、阿根廷的投资人、澳大利亚的自媒体…




  • NGC-Tony Gu的专业高度,Roger Lim的毫无保留,Wayne、Jack、Zi、Anne的各方支持;
  • IDG Young Guo 的高屋建瓴、Justin Niu 的谆谆善诱,Feng Huang的无私帮助;
  • 以及Signum- John的温文尔雅、YY师兄的亲切指导,Hashed Ryan的热情、Ethan的专业,XRP Micheal的豪放、Geoffrey的耐心,ICODrops全体小伙伴的细致,Dfund李泉、老葛的洞察,Reflexion Kelin的全面,朱立前辈的指导和认可,Brad、Mandy、Matt等KOL的帮助 等等等等,不一而足。


2019即将到来,MultiVAC测试网络会于2月份正式上线。之后,团队将全面投入主网开发中,继续发布相关研究与工程进展;并同步启动全球开发者和Dapp社区共建,从技术攻坚进入生态建设阶段。在此,我们诚挚邀请所有伙伴群策群力,共同参与MultiVAC Eco的成长。


展望终局,MultiVAC仅仅迈出了刚开始的小小几步,它还只是银河中一颗闪着微光的小星星,但我们相信,MultiVAC会持续为行业带来一次次新的悸动,它将愈发明亮,最终照亮整个夜空。Let there be light!

最后,以Stephen William Hawking的话与诸君共勉:

Be brave, be curious, be determined, overcome the odds. It can be done.


吕恒携MultiVAC全体成员 敬上