MultiVAC Testnet 2.0 “Enigma” Officially Launch with a Million-Bounty Mining Plan

Jun 5 · 4 min read

Dear community members,

We are pleased to announce that MultiVAC Testnet 2.0 has officially launched today which can support any ordinary computer to be a miner fairly in the network.

As the world’s first all-dimensional sharding blockchain, MultiVAC has significantly reduced the network load of miners through the innovative storage and transmission mechanism, achieving linear TPS growth and infinite scalability for a public the first time.

Frank Lyu, CEO of MultiVAC says that MultiVAC’s fair mining re-gives blockchain power and rights to normal miners and will revive a truly decentralized blockchain world.

In addition, we also release a million-bounty mining plan to encourage everyone to join and build the network. The rewards from the testnet mining will be mapped to the mainnet native tokens.

[Miner Requirements]

Hardware requirement: ordinary computer with dual-core CPU and 4GB RAM

Lowest deposit to be a miner: 1,000 MTV

Lowest deposit to be an independent node: 100,000 MTV

[Testnet 2.0 Parameters]

Default number of shards: 4

Block generate time by single shard: 10 ~ 15 seconds

Monthly total blocks : 691,200 ~ 1,036,800

Reward for each block: 10 MTV

Monthly total rewards: 6,912,000 ~ 10,368,000 MTV

[Millions of Rewards]

MultiVAC Foundation will deposit 10 million MTV to run 100 nodes to keep a stable network. The revenue of such nodes will go into the Lighting Fund prize pool, in which all the tokens will be rewarded to holders and miners in various community activities as below.

* Mining Lottery (Chinese community only): lottery for all community members to win the revenue directly.

* Community Credits (English community only): monthly activity to reward community members for discussing and recruiting people to the official telegram group.

* Global Follow-up Program: people who deposit more than 1 million MTV will receive an additional 10% reward from the prize pool (distribution will happen when the mainnet launch) and get the opportunity to attend the global follow-up video meeting to discuss next step plan of the project.

* …… (more exciting activities will be announced)

Also, the MultiVAC team will regularly buy back MTV tokens from the secondary market and distribute them to the community through more bounty programs. For more details, please stay tuned ~

[Cloud Mining]

In order to make it easy to participate, we will provide a cloud mining mode for people who don’t have a technical background or hardware.

The cost of a cloud server is 24 * total_transfer_amount / 1024, which means the cost of an individual node is 2,400 MTV per month.

For people who choose cloud mining, we will deduct the server cost from the total amount of the transferred MTV tokens (note: please ensure that your deposit balance is not less than 1000 MTV, otherwise you will automatically exit from mining)

For example, if you transfer 10,000 MTV to attend cloud mining, the server cost is 234.375 MTV per month, the deposit amount is 9,765.625 MTV, and the reward is 9,765.625 / 100,000 x number of blocks x 10 MTV

Tip: In order to calculate the reward more clearly, the recommended transfer amount is a multiple of 1024, such as 2048, 4096, 10240, 102400, etc..

[Please Note]

1) The testnet pre-mining activity will last until the mainnet launch. Once the deposit is locked, you can not quit and withdraw before that.

2) When the total deposit amount reaches multiples of 50 million MTV (such as 50 million, 100 million, etc.), we will open for 3 days to withdraw the rewards for all. We will buy back from the secondary market and distribute them within 7 days after receiving the withdrawal request.

3) A miner can deposit any number of tokens (not less than 1000MTV). We will summarize all transfer records and public the reward statistics.

4) All the testnet mining awards will be converted to the main network currency in equal proportions. All the deposit tokens and rewards will be mapped when the mainnet launch.

5) All participants are required to follow the official process. The MultiVAC team will not be held responsible for any problems caused by not following the official guides and not related to this event.

6) We will conduct a qualification examination according to the application and transfer time, and open the whitelist in order. After the approval, we will contact you in time. Please wait patiently.

7) The MultiVAC team has the final interpretation and full right over this event.

Click here to apply for the whitelist.

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