Bounty to Celebrate Forbes’ Report

We are so glad to announce that MultiVAC is reported by the world’s top media — Forbes!
Check it out: Solving The Bottleneck Of Blockchain And The Scalability Trilemma Through Sharding

To celebrate Forbes’ report, we decide to hold a bounty. Both Reviewer Award(altogether 4000MTV) and Sharer Award (one with 10000 MTV on top) are waiting for you!

Time: Jan, 17, 6:00 p.m. — Jan, 21, 6:00 p.m. (UTC+8)

How to win the Reviewer Award?

1. Read through Forbes’ report on MultiVAC
Solving The Bottleneck Of Blockchain And The Scalability Trilemma Through Sharding

2. Retweet MultiVAC’s tweet about Forbes’ report and add a quote. (give this tweet a like may increase chance of winning)

Make sure your quote has the following 2 elements:
1) the tag and the link: #MultiVACNews
2) Your Comment: Add your review in your native language, English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish… All languages are welcomed. What impresses you most in the news? How do you summarize the highlights? What advantages of MultiVAC excite you? Feel free to express your feelings in your mother tongue.

3. Fill in the bounty participation form so we can reward you

Reviewer Award: altogether 4000MTV

20 people who wrote brilliant review as required will be awarded, each one with 200MTV. Brilliant reviews are preferred to be related to the content of the news at the same time highlight MultiVAC’s advantages. (Language diversity may increase the chance of winning)

How to win the Sharer Award? (10000 MTV for No.1)

In addition to finishing the above 3 steps for the Reviewer Award, you can encourage your followers to retweet your tweet. The most retweeted top 3 will win Sharer Award.

Q. How is the most retweeted calculated?
We will check your tweet’s “retweeted number” as shown in the following picture:
To compete for the Sharer Award, make sure
your tweet is “retweeted” not “quoted”. Don’t know what’s the difference? Check out the guide in the bottom.

retweeted number

Sharer Award:

Best Sharer: 10000MTV for 1 with the most retweeted tweet
Merit Sharer: 5000MTV for 1 with the 2nd most retweeted tweet
Good Sharer: 3000MTV for 1 with the 3rd most retweeted tweet

1.To avoid scammers and bots, we require a participant to have at least 15 tweet followers.
2. To compete for the bounty, make sure you follow the above requirements. MultiVAC hold the right to explain the bounty rules.
3. Bots and cheating are not allowed in the bounty. Once found out, the user will be forever forbiden from joinning MultiVAC’s bounty.


Retweet MultiVAC’s twitter about Forbes’ report and add a quote.
Make sure your tweet is “retweeted” not “quoted”, so your “retweeted number” will grow.

About MultiVAC:

MultiVAC is High-Throughput Flexible Blockchain Platform based on Trusted Sharding Computation. It’s a next-generation public blockchain platform built for integration with large-scale decentralized applications (DApps). As a core aspect of the protocol, developers can customize parameters for consistency, availability and partition tolerance, providing a high degree of user autonomy over the blockchain infrastructure.

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