MultiVAC and Blockcloud Achieved a Strategic Partnership to Jointly Create New-Generation Blockchain Protocol

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MultiVAC officially announced a strategic partnership with the new generation TCP/IP project Blockcloud. We can exchange and share mutually in the level of the underlying technology and business ecology, work together to upgrade and improve the existing Internet system.

By combining the advantages of blockchain technology and the next-generation Internet technology, Blockcloud builds its underlying network protocol system in the form of “building blocks” to provide continuous connectivity support for dynamic networks. The Blockcloud team has ten years of experience in the field of Internet underlying technology and has published numerous research results in international high-level conferences and journals.

Recently, the Blockcloud project has been very popular. As the first blockchain project launched by OK Jumpstart, it has accumulated super high popularity and attention. It is said that Blockcloud has received investment from more than 120 well-known investment institutions in more than 20 countries/regions, which is the most powerful proof of the reliability of this project.

MultiVAC is the world’s first all-dimensional sharding and flexible computing blockchain platform, designed with an innovative distributed storage and transmission mechanism which is based on Merkle Root. By introducing storage nodes, miner nodes can efficiently and securely verify large data with minimal data, which helps solve the ledge storage and bandwidth overloading issues, which greatly reduce the scale of account and the volume of network transmission. Both as blockchain underlying projects that are steadfastly technology-based, MultiVAC and BlockCloud have a lot to exchange and collaborate.

MultiVAC has long established contact with the Blockcloud team. In November last year, MultiVAC and Blockcloud were both invited to participate in an offline event in Moscow, which was hosted by the top investment institution in the blockchain industry GENESIS and co-hosted by one of the world’s largest rating agencies ICO Drops and GENESIS LAB. More than 300 guests were attracted to this event, and this event was also widely praised by many Russian project enthusiasts and industry leaders.

At the same time, in addition to the project partnership, MultiVAC’s CEO Frank and Blockcloud’s CEO Ming Zhongxing are good friends in real life. They communicate a lot in their work and life, which also makes the partnership between MultiVAC and Blockcloud more convenient and smooth.

The strategic partnership between MultiVAC and Blockcloud this time is a breakthrough in project technology and ecological progress for both sides.The two teams are carring out in-depth communication in the underlying technology and talent exchange. MultiVAC always keep working on technological innovation, deepen communication and collaboration with outstanding technical projects in various fields, and gradually improve our business ecosystem.

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