MultiVAC Community Credits (MCC) Will Begin

May 31 · 3 min read

Dear friends, to celebrate the launch of MultiVAC TestNet 2.0 “Enigma”, also to thank everyone for the continuous support, we decided to start the MultiVAC Community Credits (MCC) on June 1.

MCC is a special activity to encourage community members, people who will do more discussions about the project and invite more friends to the community will be rewarded. The MCC activity is open to everyone in the community, everyone can check their credits at any time. At present, MCC can be rewarded in MTV tokens or MultiVAC hoodies, and there will be more rewards in the future.

Let us work together to hack the growth of MultiVAC community faster and bigger! Keep fighting!


Step 1: To search @MTVBountyBot in the Telegram and click “start”

Step 2: If you have not joined the MTV EN Telegram group, please click on “@MTVCommunity” to join the MTV EN Telegram group. If you have joined the MTV EN Telegram group, please click on “/submit” to submit your profile information.

Step 3: Submit your profile information and participate in activities

Concerns About Fake Members/Bots

To avoid fake members/bots taking advantage of the activity, we have introduced some strict rules, which will help to fight the fake members/Bots:

1. The profile information and Wallet Address (ETH) has to be entered into the MTV bot. If people spam the channel with bots in order to gain rewards, these bots will not be able to communicate with the MTV bot and hence will receive no reward.

2. All new invites/members need to be active in the channel within the first month. Any new members who are not active in this time period will be removed from the channel and no rewards will be given.

3. As detailed in the general rules below, any attempts at spamming the channel with bots will result in the participant being disqualified and they will not be eligible for any rewards now or in the future.

General Rules

— In case any spamming or manipulation in the form of fake account details, etc. is found, MTV Community Management Team will disqualify the participant, who will not be eligible for any rewards in the future. All rights are reserved by MTV Team to revise the rules and regulations at any given time.

— If any credits are found to be awarded in the form of a malicious screen, the MTV Community Management Team will disqualify the Participant and the Participant will not be eligible for any awards in the future. The MTV team reserves all rights to modify the rules and regulations at any given time.

— You can check the credits at any time by clicking @MTVBountyBot /balance

— Everyone can participate in this program.

— On July 10th, a total of 30,000 MTV will be distributed to all the participating members. In addition, the top 10 members in the ranking will be rewarded an additional 10,000 MTV.

Enjoy yourself!


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