MultiVAC Has Reached Strategic Cooperation with Staking Service Platform RockX

Oct 24, 2019 · 3 min read
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Dear Community,

We’re so glad to announce that MultiVAC has reached strategic cooperation with the Staking service platform RockX. As a miner node, RockX has participated in mining in MultiVAC network, contributing to MultiVAC ecology.

Alex Lam, CEO and co-founder of RockMiner, one of the world’s first cryptocurrency companies, and Dong Xinshu, former CEO and co-founder of high-throughput public chain Zilliqa, announced that they have re-launched and co-founded a Staking service platform “RockX”, aiming to bridge the gaps, offering token holders and future users convenient and friendly means to earn ‘rewards’ on their holdings.

As the first proposer of all-dimensional Sharding solution, MultiVAC reaches industrial capacity through achieving effective expansion in computation, storage, and transmission. In June 2019, MultiVAC released testnet 2.0 “Enigma” and proposed the innovative idea of “fair mining, all-people mining”, which greatly reduced the threshold for miners, and made the idea into the reality.

On October 10, the “Million-Bounty” plan of MultiVAC’s testnet has been completely updated, and the “Everyone Mining & Perfect Earning” plan was officially launched. Several aspects, such as mining parameters, and withdrawal rules, have been updated, allowing miners to deposit and withdraw at any time and re-invest every day. As of now, the total deposit in the whole network exceeds over 280 million MTV, and the total rewards for miners exceed over 47 million MTV.

RockX became the first node service institution in MultiVAC through this cooperation. We are also planning to further cooperate in many fields like Staking technology, economic model, and management mechanism, building blockchain ecology together.

MultiVAC CEO Frank said that MultiVAC can do something bigger with RockX given that the successful entrepreneurial experience of Alex Lam and Dong Xinshu, and its rich experience in mining and blockchain.

Alex Lam, the CEO of RockX, said “Through RockX, we hope to safeguard the PoS ecosystem — providing secured and verified transactions and cultivating good-governance across the industry. By establishing ourselves as a trusted partner to PoS networks, we will connect projects and token holders so that they not only benefit from our expertise but our dedication to the sustainable development of the blockchain industry.”

About MultiVAC

MultiVAC is a high-performance and flexible public chain, focusing on solving the scalability bottleneck of blockchain. With the all-dimensional Sharding solution, it endows blockchain with capacities of high throughput, flexibility, and infinite scale-up potential to support large-scale decentralized commercial applications in various scenarios. Over 40 top capitals, including IDG, NGC, Dfund, Hashed, Signum, Arrington XPR, and ICODrops, have invested MultiVAC with $15 million.

About RockX

RockX is aiming to provide one-stop services for individuals in the digital economy and institutional investors. A number of venture capital funds, including Signum Capital, Ceyuan Capital, Galaxy Realm, and Alternity Capital, have contributed support for the new service. Founders of several prominent blockchain projects, including Patrick Dai of Qtum and Bo Dong of Altonomy, have also chipped in toward investment.

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