MultiVAC Joins The Binance Chain Alliance

Oct 8 · 3 min read

Dear MultiVAC Community:

MultiVAC Joins Binance Chain Alliance

MultiVAC is honored to join the Binance Chain Alliance, an association of blockchain projects and their respective Founders/CEOs who had their tokens migrated to Binance Chain and has been successfully listed on Binance DEX. Initiated by the founder of Cubiex eSports, Pierre Chahine, the formation of Binance Chain Alliance will facilitate cross-partnerships and support new projects who are migrating their tokens to Binance Chain. MultiVAC is truly grateful for the opportunity and believe our tech and ecosystem strength will bring immense vitality to this promising community.

About Binance Chain Alliance

Binance Chain Alliance is an association that brings together blockchain projects along with their founders/CEOs, who have successfully migrated their tokens to Binance Chain and have been listed on Binance DEX.

This alliance aspires to support other projects and their founders during their migration process to Binance Chain as well as supporting them afterward in a variety of topics such as financing, technology, KYC and network introductions.

Binance Chain & Binance DEX features a user-friendly interface, fast transaction time and provides significant value through the strong ecosystem of Binance and its community.

To date, Binance Chain and Binance DEX have handled more than 22 million transactions of over 280,000 thousand addresses — and the growth continues. Since its launch in late April 2019, more than 150+ tokens have been built on Binance Chain.

About MultiVAC

A pioneering flexible blockchain platform based on trusted Sharding, MultiVAC is a high-performance and flexible public chain, dedicated itself to solving scalability issue. With the all-dimensional Sharding solution, MultiVAC endows blockchain with capacities of high throughput, flexibility, and infinite scaling-up potentials for DApps to operate without any obstacle. Over 40 top funds and investors, including IDG, NGC, Dfund, Hashed, Signum, Arrington XRP and ICODrops, have invested MultiVAC with $15 million.

With our all-star team (6 PhD holders in General Computing, Group Theory and Cryptography from top-tier universities like Harvard, Stanford, NTU, 12 senior researchers & engineers in distributed system and underlying infrastructure from Google, Facebook, Tencent and Alibaba, and multiple advisers from Hyperledger, NGC, TechCrunch), MultiVAC has accomplished numerous technical milestones.

What MultiVAC Brings to the Table

MultiVAC was listed on Binance DEX in the late August. Our team has experienced every step from migrating tokens to the final listing. We hope our experiences can help future projects to go through the process smoothly.

Now, MultiVAC is about to launch its Testnet 3.0, which enables everyone to participate in mining. MultiVAC has made a breakthrough in the scalability of the blockchain network performance and reached the industrial level. In the meantime, it ensures that ordinary PCs have the equal right to mine, which suggests that blockchain network is no longer monopolized by the mining pool and mining machine. The realization of a trusted & decentralized blockchain with real democracy and the mass adoption of blockchain technology can be facilitated by MultiVAC.

Progress of Binance Chain Alliance

The Binance Chain Alliance official website will go live by the 15th of October 2019: check out the awesome teaser at

Notes: The Binance Chain Alliance is a project driven initiative, that is not officially affiliated with

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