Unveiling the secrets of the MultiVAC team — Liang He

Liang He, who joined MultiVAC in April 2018, is one of the earliest experts at MultiVAC that are specialized in distributed system. Liang’s research focus is the large-scale distributed system. Specifically, he focuses on how to improve the overall performance of the system, to make it faster, more compatible, and more stable. What’s more, he has unique insight in machine learning and big data analysis. He is now in charge of the design and development of distributed system and consensus protocol at MultiVAC.

Liang regards himself as a typical programmer — introverted and easygoing, always wearing jeans and a T-shirt, with passionate pursuit of technology. As early as the 5th grade, Liang felt the charm of programming when he first got access to “Xiaobawang”, an interactive learning machine. And he knows, at that time, that he is destined to be a programmer.

Liang was obsessive about computer competition at university. He participated in the ACM-ICPC competition with Dr. Shawn Ying, the co-founder of MultiVAC, and they achieved an excellent result at the World Final. Driven by his passion for programming and competition, he became the moderator of Tsinghua University’s BBS where he was in charge of the algorithmic forum and won a great reputation for his smart answers to various programming questions in that session.

Liang has accumulated over 6 years’ experience in underlying development when he worked in many internationally renowned companies including Tencent and Facebook. In one large-scale architecture system that he was in charge of, the QPS reached a million, with the response time in 70 milliseconds, and could run stably even in the case of concurrency, which fully guaranteed the user experience.

Currently, Liang is focusing on the design and development of the MultiVAC consensus protocol. As we all know, the consensus algorithm is the very core part of the blockchain system and is called the “soul of the blockchain”. MultiVAC adopts the industry’s first all-dimensional sharding expansion solution. In order to achieve a safe, stable and efficient internal consensus in shards, Liang has designed Byzantine Consensus Family for MultiVAC based on years of development experience in distributed systems and combined with various current consensus algorithm. Byzantine Consensus Family is a family of consensus algorithms that resolve the problem of forks and fault tolerance, ensuring the reliability and consistency of final results.

Due to the complexity and high standards of the consensus protocol, the team has encountered technical bottlenecks in algorithms and cryptography throughout the development process. Faced with difficulties, Liang never retreats. After studying a large number of scientific and academic papers, he finally found a solution to the problem and successfully completed the development of the consensus protocol. In the recent release of Lab data from MultiVAC, the peak TPS of system processing capacity reached 30,784.

One cannot be a technical expert at one stroke. It requires interest, curiosity, hard work and persistence. When talking about his biggest dream, Liang said frankly that he is also interested in astronomy. He plans to study for a Ph.D. in Astrophysics when he can live freely, to learn what exists in outer space, to pursue his dream.

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