Unveiling the Secrets of the MultiVAC Team — Tao Guo

How shall we evaluate blockchain and its influence? 
What has been changed by it? 
And what has been disrupted by it?

For some, blockchain means a giant ledger that keeps the information of everyone and is immune to tampering. Some believe blockchain has transformed the traditional way of value delivery and helped achieve just and equitable value exchange. Tao Guo, however, believes the most revolutionary power of blockchain lies in the dramatic changes it makes in the human coordination. “Company” will be no longer a concept or entity in the future and people will connect and coordinate through blockchains. Traditional trust and supervision will be needed no more. The stimulus system of blockchain will play its role to the fullest extent.

Tao Guo joined MultiVAC on November 26, 2018, as an architect. He’s now in charge of the design and development of the consensus mechanism, the design of security protocol, and the architecture of the storage system. “Tao Guo has a deep understanding of the mainstream open source projects like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Hyperledger. He’s also efficient in coding. He’s a brilliant full-stack engineer. ” commented Dr. Shawn, MultiVAC’s CTO.

CTO of Former Million-user Blockchain Game

Tao Guo is among the first in China to know blockchain technologies. At the end of 2017, he led a group to develop a games application based on the ETH side-chain technology and also started his own games company where he installed himself as CTO. The community soon gained millions of users due to active promotion.

Though he continued to run the company for a while, he failed to figure out the right profit model. His business soon dropped. At the same time, Tao Guo found out that the fundamental reason why many blockchain projects remained in the early stage was that their underlying technologies remained immature. Yet there would be opportunities for the underlying public blockchain in three to five years’ time. Thinking twice, he decided to restart his career in a public chain company dedicated to underlying technologies. He wanted to prepare himself.

Tao Guo said that the experience as an entrepreneur has made him more familiar with blockchain’s underlying structures and also given him sound operational training.

A Fun Meeting with Dr. Shawn

Thanks to his former engagement with blockchain technologies, Tao Guo had known Dr. Shawn to be MultiVAC’s CTO with strong academic background and coding capacity. But they never met each other before Tao Guo was to join MultiVAC.

It was his job interview, actually led by Dr. Shawn. Tao Guo thought the interviewer was just an ordinary technician, paid no special attention, and responded the given questions in an easy manner. After all, the interviewer looked too young to be a senior. When Tao Guo made the extra requirement to meet Dr. Shawn, the interviewer was amused and burst into laughter, explaining that he was Shawn himself.

The Founder Will either Make or Break the Project

The founder’s vision and perspective will either make or break a blockchain project,” said Tao Guo.

Many people can make an overnight fortune from blockchain, a thing innate of speculation. Yet speculators in the giddy market don’t create any real value, though they build one project after another, vowing to beat Ethereum and Bitcoin.

In Tao Guo’s eyes, MultiVAC is capable to truly address the issue of low scalability and has the potential to land in the physical world for pragmatic use. MultiVAC’s founding team has been working hard towards the future and its targets. That’s why he chose MultiVAC.

An Expert with Wide Interests

When one converses with him, it will not be difficult to notice that Tao Guo thinks deeply and knows widely. He has insights into technologies, the markets, the industry, and the trends. This is what sets him apart from other developers.

As a full-stack engineer, Tao Guo has not only the required professional skill set, but also a mentality unique to a product manager. He’s adept at using blockchain system development languages like GoLang and Solidity. He has three years’ experience of server development with Golang and even launched a blockchain game using Golang within just a week’s time. Tao Guo’s also good at distributive, high-performance, and high-concurrency programming and code tuning.

MultiVAC adopts an innovative consensus mechanism combining VRF and POS to ensure the democracy and justice during miner selection, as well as network stability and safety. Such a consensus mechanism brings along with itself huge amounts of data transmission and proofreading, which is quite burdensome to many developers. But Tao Guo has handled it gracefully. He uses a unique VRF and a multi-signature system to ensure data authenticity when they are transmitted from one shard to another.

Technology has no end. One always needs to outreach one’s own limit to be a qualified developer.” This is Tao Guo’s motto. Indeed, the blockchain industry is advancing at an increasingly faster speed, and more and more new technologies and solutions are emerging each day. We must transcend ourselves and adapt to the changing times, so as to grasp the opportunities our era offers to us.

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