Unveiling the Secrets of the MultiVAC Team — Zhong Dong

Work hard, positive, like algorithm and design patterns. This is Zhong Dong’s signature on LinkedIn.

As described in his signature, Zhong Dong works very hard at work and always carries out his tasks vigorously and speedily. “Zhong Dong and I were colleagues when I worked for Meituan. He is very efficient at work. In addition to professional technical background, he also has a strong coding capability, which makes him the developer with the highest code-updating frequency in the current MultiVAC team.” MultiVAC’s CEO Frank commented him like this.

Zhong Dong is an expert in large-scale distributed system development, data analysis and mining. At present, he is mainly responsible for the design and development of sharding solution at MultiVAC, which includes transaction sharding, account sharding and transmission sharding.

An Early Cryptocurrency Investor

In life, Zhong Dong is gentle and elegant. He always speaks slowly with patience, and therefore, talking with him always makes you feel very comfortable. Perhaps out of his own personality, every weekend, Zhong Dong likes to stay at home and do something he enjoys unless a friend asks him to hang out. Although he has been planning to go to the gym for a long time, this plan has never been executed, which bothers him from time to time.

Compared with his friends, Zhong Dong was exposed to the cryptocurrency industry very early. At the beginning of 2013, Zhong Dong just graduated from college. Once when he browsed the technology forum online, he happened to find someone talking about a kind of electronic cash technology called Bitcoin, which could realize the function of decentralized value transfer. Feeling curious, Zhong Dong chatted with them and began to pay attention to the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

With a gradually deeper understanding of cryptocurrencies, Zhong Dong found this industry almost crazy. He thought that because the cryptocurrency industry was just taking off, it was still faced with many problems and nonstandard operations; however, on the other hand, it also meant that there existed a bunch of opportunities. What really made Zhong Dong gain his first bucket of gold was Ripple, an open-source transaction protocol. In mid-2013, due to various reasons, the price of XRP slumped to nearly 0.02 RMB, and at that time Zhong caught this opportunity to invest some money. At the end of 2013, with the skyrocketing price of bitcoin, the price of XRP once reached 0.5 RMB, which made Zhong gain a return of nearly 10 times of his investment.

From Meituan to Google, Realizing a Perfect Transformation

The first job of Zhong Dong was data analysis and mining at Meituan, which was meant to develop the supporting tools and services for Meituan’s data system. In the two years of working at Meituan, Zhong Dong grew from a newly graduated university student to a qualified data system developer. Starting from having no idea of what data analysis is, Zhong Dong has become a master of various different data management tools, such as report tool, central query service and data access control system. As his own capability improved, Zhong Dong found that his dream was not there. He longed for a bigger stage and desired to learn more sophisticated cutting-edge technologies.

In mid-2014, when Zhong Dong talked with one of his friends working at Google by chance about his idea of resignation, this friend immediately offered to recommend him to work there. So with the help of his friend, and mainly for Dong’s outstanding technical ability as well as professional quality, he finally got the offer from Google successfully. The team Zhong was in was mostly responsible for the development and iteration of Google’s Android search system. As this entire search system is very complicated and huge, which entails processing billions of search requests every day, Zhong Dong was for the first time exposed to the large-scale underlying system design that he had never heard about before. At Google, he also learned how to conduct the systematic modularization design to improve stability and fault tolerance, changing completely from an engineer on data-development to an expert on large-scale systematic architecture design.

The Warm Invitation from MultiVAC’s CEO Frank

In April 2018, MultiVAC’s CEO Frank found Zhong Dong, hoping that he could join MultiVAC. According to Zhong Dong’s recollection. It was Frank’s words that made him feel deeply touched and also feel more confident in joining MultiVAC. Frank said, “Currently, the whole Internet industry is facing an unprecedented revolution. Most of the existing Internet-centric organizations may no longer exist. Instead, the decentralized and trust-free blockchain systems will take the place. What MultiVAC plans to do is designing the underlying system that can carry tens of thousands of large-scale DApps, which is also an opportunity that this era has given us.”

After hearing Frank’s words, Zhong found this cause so cool that his entrepreneurial enthusiasm was totally inspired. Although Zhong got to know cryptocurrency and blockchain early, he has not really participated in the design of blockchain’s underlying system. Zhong said, “This choice is a big challenge for me, but it is more like an opportunity.” So, after a simple discussion with his wife, Zhong determinedly decided to join MultiVAC.

Shining at MultiVAC

Due to his previous experience of developing large-scale distributed systems at Google, Zhong Dong became familiar with the overall architecture of MultiVAC in less than two weeks, and he was also fully capable of participating in the current work.

Faced with the problem of scalability that bothers the entire blockchain field currently, people from academia and industry are constantly trying to solve it, but still haven’t designed a perfect solution yet. The full-dimensional sharding solution designing that Zhong participates in is targeted at solving the problem of scalability and the top priority of MultiVAC’s system configuration. MultiVAC’s expansion solution is very complex, which involves many details in transaction, transmission and storage. In order to achieve the goal of scalability from all these three dimensions, the design of the entire sharding solution must be taken into full consideration.

With the joint efforts of Zhong Dong and his colleagues, it took nearly four months to complete the design of the entire sharding solution. Now the All-Dimensional Sharding solution has been implemented, it has shown many advantages in the newly released Yellowpaper and lab data. For example, MultiVAC’s UTXO-based sharding solution successfully avoids the complicated data interaction logic cross-shard; MultiVAC first created the data storage structure that is based on Merkle root, which supports the retrieval and acquisition of smaller data segments, making data storage and updating more flexible and efficient. What’s more, MultiVAC’s system processing peak reaches 30,784 TPS, which can perfectly support linear expansion and meet the needs of enterprise-level applications.

Five years ago, Zhong Dong learned about cryptocurrency and harvested the first bucket of gold in his life by chance. Five years later, due to his firm beliefs and dreams, Zhong Dong again devoted himself to the development of blockchain projects. This is both accidental and inevitable, since destiny always favors those who have an obsession in their hearts. In the future, we believe that Zhong is destined to make more achievements at MultiVAC.

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1. Why did Zhong Dong join MultiVAC?
A. For MultiVAC’s world-class blockchain system design.
fB. For the high salary of MultiVAC.
C. For being close to home.

2. Through the joint development of Zhong Dong and the team, it took nearly 4 months to complete the design of MultiVAC’s All-Dimensional Sharding.
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3. The design of the All-Dimensional Sharding solution Zhong Dong participated can perfectly support linear expansion and provide a solid foundation for large-scale commercial applications.
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