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Oct 25 · 3 min read

Dear MultiVAC community,

To ensure the healthy development of MultiVAC’s ecosystem, the MultiVAC foundation has adjusted the Token Metrics of MTV at the end of August. The foundation has burned its 2 billion MTV (ERC-20) tokens, which will be re-activated and allocated as the mining rewards after the launch of mainnet. After burning, the share of MultiVAC foundation’s tokens dropped from 27% to 7%, and the total number of ERC-20 MTV decreased to 8 billion.

To ensure the transparency of MultiVAC Token Metrics, there are some updates collected by Foundation:

Hash of 1.98 billion MTV (ERC-20) burned:


Hash of 20 million MTV (ERC-20) burned:


MultiVAC Token Metrics

Token Releasing Status (Oct. 2019)

Public sale 7%: 7% share was released in April 2019.

Seed round 8.95%: 0.745% released every month since July 2019. 2.98% have been released until now, and all of it will be released by June 2020.

Private sale 10.21%: 1.135% released every month since July 2019. 4.54% has been released until now, and all of it will be released by March 2020.

Foundation 7%: 1.8% released every month since April 2019. 7.2% has been released until now. As the token metrics have been adjusted, the unreleased 19.8% plus released 0.2% have been transferred to the burn address. Now all 7% has been released.

Ecosystem 30%: 1% released every month since April 2019. 7% has been released till now and all of it will be released by Sept. 2021. These tokens are used to build the community, airdropping, and other marketing events.

Team 15%: still locked. 1% will be released every month from April 2020 and all of it will be released by June 2021.

Early supporters 1.84%: still locked. 0.123% will be released every month from April 2020, and all of it will be released by June 2021.

Mining rewards 20%: the ERC-20 tokens for this portion have been burned. The rewards will be gradually released after the launch of MultiVAC’s mainnet.

It deserves to mention that the majority of the released tokens held by investors in the private sale and seed round have been transferred to the new lock-up address and mining programs.

1) From July to September, MultiVAC invited partial private sales to participate in lock-up and gave some bonus as rewards. All of tokens are released.

Private sale lock-up address: 0x90e50f195e2013607BEDff7B731a346972210F68

2) Meanwhile, MultiVAC is continuing to invite private sales to participate in mining activities. In early October, a new mechanism is opened, allowing miners to deposit and withdraw at any time.

Official deposit address: 0x7F7EBDBf85028Bb6Cd8fb078f5aD89Dd162868c6

Other relevant addresses

ERC-20 Address: 0x8aa688AB789d1848d131C65D98CEAA8875D97eF1

Ecosystem Tokens Address: 0xEc49E50c95c7d147036D8Fff99e822a69f130157

Foundation Tokens Address: 0xA8d2250A556864bafb1dB55b2D547B7edE9C3E7A

In addition, as MultiVAC (MTV) has been listed on Binance DEX, we also burned the same amount of MTV-4C6 simultaneously while adjusting the Token Metrics:

BEP2-MTV address:


Hash of MTV-4C6 burned:


SWAP address

MTV-4C6 address: bnb18nwchrn3c7r2g4c7zwt0ur6q92nncn6es5jft7

ERC20-MTV address: 0x157Da56e8d88A5a83f4b965ceC58C97EF0eC1a19

Again, we’re truly grateful for every community member’s and private investor’s unwavering support & help. This Token Metrics adjustment will kindle the great potential of MultiVAC! In the new system, we will advance at the speed of light!

Let There Be Light!

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Onepager: https://www.mtv.ac/assets/file/MultiVAC_OnePager.pdf

Whitepaper: https://www.mtv.ac/assets/file/MultiVAC_Tech_Whitepaper.pdf

Yellowpaper: https://www.mtv.ac/assets/file/MultiVAC_Sharding_Yellowpaper.pdf

Programming Purple paper: https://www.mtv.ac/assets/file/MultiVAC_Programming_Purplepaper.pdf

Official Website: https://www.mtv.ac/

Testnet: https://e.mtv.ac/

Telegram announcement channel link: https://t.me/MultiVACMTV

Telegram Global: https://t.me/MTVCommunity

Telegram Spanish: https://t.me/MultiVAC_Spanish

Telegram Vietnam: https://t.me/mtvvn

Telegram Korean: https://t.me/mtvkr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MultiVAC





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