MultiVAC Bi-Weekly Project Report: August 25 to September 7

Welcome to MultiVAC’s Weekly Report from August 25 to September 7. We would like to give updates regarding our marketing progress and our project development. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do send your feedback to
We are happy to announce that MultiVAC’s team will partake in more marketing activities for the month of September.


The number of Telegram members grew to 22,985. The number of Twitter followers is currently sitting at 5724. You can see Alex K(Russian Federation, MultiVAC’s community member) wearing an MTV t-shirt. The MultiVAC T-shirt also appears in Korea! Proudly and handsomely worn by the founders of Nexus One, South Korean partner of MultiVAC.

II.Marketing Activity

I. MultiVAC founders team showed up at the 2018 Blockchain P.O.D (Public Chain Odaily Developer) conference hosted by the O-daily. Frank Lyu and Eric Ly(Hub founder & LinkedIn co-founder ) had a pleasant chat.

II. MultiVAC world tour is underway. We are coming to a city near you. Our co-founders will be present in 4 cities around the globe. We would love to meet you all in person. Please send an email to with your time available, contact number and any information about yourself or the group you represent.

III.New Faces

Strategic Advisor

We are honored to introduce Johnny Lyu as a strategic advisor, he is a vice president of strategy and investment of KuCoin and also a partner of PGC (Phoenix Global Capital). In the meantime, MultiVAC foundation receives an undisclosed amount of investment by KuCoin, a Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange.

IV.Development Progress

I. We are working on the Merkle-root-based File System (MFS). It’s an interactive distributed file system. We are currently implementing sharding ledger on the Merkel-root-based File system.

II. Development of the pending transaction pool is complete. We tested it using a simple miner version.

III. We are working on our consensus algorithm at the moment. It’s a binary Byzantine agreement for in-shard consensus. Our algorithm is based on VRFs (Verifiable Random Functions) and group signature. Development of the RPC message framework for the consensus algorithm is also complete.Our yellow paper is in progress which will help us to introduce more technical details.

Furthermore, we published MultiVAC’s Revolutionary Sharding Mechanism: The Probabilistic Reliability Model to help everyone understand MultiVAC better. We will release our yellow paper, in-lab testing results and TPS data, please stay tuned!

Greetings from MultiVAC Beijing team. Please stay tuned for the update of our Singapore/London/San Fransisco and Sydney team.

About MultiVAC:

MultiVAC is High-Throughput Flexible Blockchain Platform based on Trusted Sharding Computation. It’s a next-generation public blockchain platform built for integration with large-scale decentralized applications (dApps). As a core aspect of the protocol, developers can customize parameters for consistency, availability and partition tolerance, providing a high degree of user autonomy over the blockchain infrastructure.

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