MultiVAC Bi-Weekly Project Report: Sep. 8 to Sep. 21

Welcome to MultiVAC’s Weekly Project Report from September 8 to September 21. We would like to give updates regarding our marketing progress and project development. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send your feedback to


The number of Telegram members grew to 21628, while the number of Twitter followers is currently at 5836. It is worth noting that Medium followers grew to 2.3k.

II.Marketing Activity

Ⅰ.World Tour

First station: Hong Kong; Shawn Ying our CTO participated in the Ethereum Industry Summit in Hong Kong.

Second station:Boston; Shawn Ying gave a talk titled; Possibilities and Impossibilities of Blockchain at the NGC MEETUP in Boston, U.S.A. This is MultiVAC’s first time in the U.S.

Shawn explained the three core features of the MultiVAC project

Third station: Taipei; it was a pleasure meeting and chatting with Coinvoice’s CEO at the Blockchain Innovation Summit on September 15th. We would like to thank Bitmax for inviting us to their event on September 16th, 2018. We were honored to be on stage with BitMax, Uranus, and Blockcloud.

Coinvoice’s CEO and MultiVAC co-founders; Professor Liao at National Taiwan University with MultiVAC co-founders

Fourth station: Singapore; We were invited to attend Transcend the Crypto Universe hosted by BlockVC and Signum Capital. Speakers from other top projects like Bgogo/ICODrops /Fantom Foundation /QuarkChain /Certik were present also. Frank gave a presentation about MultiVAC titled; Pioneering Flexible Blockchain Platform based on Trusted Sharding.

Frank Lyu was part of a panel discussion at Blockchain Pioneers Summit in Singapore titled; Cutting Edge Solutions for Public Blockchain Scalability with Han Kao/ Founder of Crypto briefing and other leaders in the space on September 21.

Ⅱ.Community Activity

MultiVAC had a quick quiz on Twitter. The winner @cryptom70980747 took home a MultiVAC T-shirt.

III.New Faces

We are honored to introduce Weihua Zhang as one of our engineers. He worked as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google, in charge of indexing and annotation storage infrastructure.

IV.Development Progress

I. We are working on the Merkle-root-based File System (MFS). It’s an interactive distributed file system. We are implementing sharding ledger on MFS.

II. We implemented the update operations of MFS, including proof generation and verification. We allow interactively update for MFS.

III. We are working on our consensus algorithm. It’s a binary Byzantine agreement for in-shard consensus. Our algorithm is based on VRFs (Verifiable Random Functions) and group signature. We have done with group signatures and the core implementation of Byzantine agreement.

IV. We have finished 30% development of sharding gossip protocol. It’s MultiVAC’s specific p2p network.

Greetings from MultiVAC team based in San Francisco, U.S.A. Please stay tuned for the update of our Singapore/London/and Sydney team.

About MultiVAC:

MultiVAC is High-Throughput Flexible Blockchain Platform based on Trusted Sharding Computation. It’s a next-generation public blockchain platform built for integration with large-scale decentralized applications (dApps). As a core aspect of the protocol, developers can customize parameters for consistency, availability and partition tolerance, providing a high degree of user autonomy over the blockchain infrastructure.

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