MultiVAC’s October 2022 Monthly Project Report

MultiVAC Weekly Report
3 min readOct 31, 2022


Welcome back to MultiVAC’s Monthly Project Report. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email us at

1.MultiVAC Mainnet

We have implemented further improvements in the MultiVAC code to enhance the overall stability of our mainnet. The perfecting of our 100,000+ lines code is our dev team’s main focus.

2.US-based Users Can Now Buy $MTV With Fiat

Since October, all our American users can buy $MTV with Visa & Mastercard through the Guardarian ( fiat on-ramp service.

3.Ecosystem Project Highlight: Guru Network

This month, we are delighted to highlight a project of our ecosystem: Guru Network.

Guru Network offers multiple products on the MultiVAC blockchain, ranging from Data Analytics, Capital Management, Custom Tooling & Software Solutions. These solutions are unparalleled in terms of user-friendliness & run strictly on verified-only Smart Contracts for highest security. Part of the Guru Network are the following products:

Lite Farmlands — It is a Do-it-Yourself Farming-as-a-Service platform that lets individuals & other projects launch a farming campaign on any tokens of their choice with a high degree of customization such as timelocks, liquidity-farming, single-side-staking, nft-boosted-yields and a lot more. Currently campaigners include the likes of MultiWorms, Proxima & VAX — with a cumulative Total Value Locked of over $30,000.

Kompound Protocol — The first and only yield-optimizer on MultiVAC that hosts auto-compounding Vaults from major & oldest DEXes of MultiVAC .

DEX Charts — MTV.Guru’s charting dapp enables any user to visualize trade-histories from all Pairs from all DEXes of MultiVAC Network. It supports over 150 markets from MoonSwap,, MTVSwap & The VAX.

V.A.X. — Also known as Value Added eXchange, is the most famous and used Decentralized Exchange platform on MultiVAC. It has a deep liquidity of over $40,000 and is prominently known for its unique and high Capital Efficiency algorithms that generate a high revenue for all its users. Notable feature of VAX is its farm that pays out MTV to its users ever 3 seconds.

Upcoming products include VAX-v2, with Gauge-voting and Lockless Protocol, which will be a Liquid Staking Platform for MTV.

4. Weekly Technical Answers

MultiVAC communication channels are always open. Should you have any technical questions, please don’t hesitate to raise those in our TG main group by tagging Cathy (@Cathy_MultiVAC). We will answer your technical queries once a week.

And as always, should you encounter some trouble with the MultiVAC blockchain (scamming or else), please send us a message to — we will be delighted to help.

Thank you, dear community members, for your active and long-term involvement with the MultiVAC project!


MultiVAC is a high-throughput flexible blockchain platform based on all-dimensional sharding. It’s a next-generation public blockchain platform built for integration with large-scale decentralized applications.

MultiVAC is developing the first solution in the world characterized by speediness, efficiency, and all-dimensional sharding to expand its capacity in computation, transmission, and storage. It realizes the maximum throughput while maintaining decentralization and without sacrificing security.

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MultiVAC Weekly Report

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