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The Multiven Manifesto — Our White Paper

The Multiven Project

The Multiven Project

The Internet is the global communication platform that enables all humans to connect, share and transact freely across the world.

In the simplest of terms, the Internet is the ‘thing’ that connects us to everything and everybody, everywhere.

The Internet comprises of software-driven networked switches, routers, rewalls, servers and storage hardware that switch, route, protect and store all our voice, video, text and blockchain data from our smartphones, tablets and computers intelligently across the world.

The Internet is also the infrastructure that connects all blockchain nodes, and upon which all blockchain tra c traverses. Accordingly, its availability, reliability and security to all cryptocurrencies and decentralised applications cannot be over-emphasised.

Therefore, it can be concluded that:

  1. Without the Internet, there is no Blockchain;
  2. Without Internet-connected computers called “Nodes”, that relay, validate and irrevocably record transactions on memory blocks that are chained together cryptographically, there will be no cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin;
  3. As the de-facto reserve currency for the broader cryptocurrency economy, without Bitcoin, all other cryptocurrencies will lose credibility and drop in value.

As evidenced, by the growing hostility from some powerful governments and nancial corporations towards the increasing popularity of decentralized and ‘un-regulatable’ public cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, it is increasingly likely that one of such adversarial actors, will sooner or later launch a systematic cyberattack to silently choke “offshore” Bitcoin nodes, and thereby force the centralization of the remaining active nodes (“centralization attack”) within the jurisdiction of a single entity (or union of nations) that is malicious to cryptocurrencies, who may then essentially “seize control of”, and/or attempt to regulate or worse yet, fatally undermine the Bitcoin network.

Below are the options available to adversaries that consider the threat posed by Bitcoins (and other public cryptocurrencies, hereinafter collectively referred to as “Bitcoins”) to be existential;

  1. Discredit Bitcoins by alleging that they are tools for illicit trade, and hope this would roll-back their popularity and adoption. Too late, already tried and did not work.
  2. Shut down the Internet. Impossible…. at least not the entire Internet. However, since only three Internet Service Providers (“ISP”) intercept 60% of Bitcoin traf c1, it is possible to temporarily ‘Blackhole’ Bitcoin traf c via Border Gateway Protocol (“BGP”) Hijacking and dent its reliability.
  3. Launch a systematic ’centralization attack’ on Bitcoin nodes that will place all or majority of the active nodes under the control of a single actor — THIS IS POSSIBLE.

As the world’s rst and only, apolitical and independent provider of decentralized software integrity maintenance and cyber-defense services for all Internet networks, irrespective of the underlying hardware and software, Multiven is rmly aligned with the freedom, transparency and socio-economic empowerment that Bitcoin and other public crypto- currencies, represent to mankind and is hereby taking steps to secure their future by fostering further decentralization of full Nodes into space, while hardening all Earth- based Nodes from cyberattacks.

This white paper explores:

  1. How Multiven intends to cyber-defend and help secure the future of Bitcoin and other public cryptocurrencies by ensuring that “centralization attacks”, malicious BGP Hijacking2 and other forms of network and non-network-based cyberattacks will less likely succeed;
  2. How Multiven intends to disrupt the entire $3 Trillion per annum worldwide Information Technology market, starting with the $600 Billion per year computer networking equipment market by creating the world’s first blockchain-based, peer- to-peer marketplace for new, pre-owned and re-cycled computer and Internet network hardware, software and services. The secondary goal of this marketplace is to make Bitcoin node hardware more affordable for less affluent people in emerging markets which will lead to further decentralization;
  3. How Multiven intends to Map-the-Internet and back-it-up onto the blockchain so that it can be restored should any portion/s of it be taken offline due to malicious attacks;
  4. How Multiven intends to further the decentralization of Bitcoin nodes into space, beyond the grip of earthly adversaries, by designing, manufacturing and launching multiple open source autonomous full nodes, into Earth’s low-orbit, pre-configured with Delay-Tolerant Networking architecture and Inter-planetary Internet3 protocols.
  5. Why Multiven is the only company in the world today, capable of achieving all the aforementioned.
Multiven’s goal, visualized

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Thanks for the read and see you soon!

The Multiven Team



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