Here is Multiversum reward to you: bounty, airdrop and special gifts

May 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Multiversum is back again to announce another great achievement!

$10'000'000! This is the total ammount of donated funds, and is just one of the steps that Multiversum completed up to now (the others can be found here).
- Multiversum: development of a real application for a voting system.
- ICO updates: from tonight on buying MTV tokens is easier with XEM, the NEM coin.

The marketing campaigns are starting to yield their results, and the collected donations are the most obivious proof of this vertical trend.
News websites and newspapers speak about us, YouTubers and crypto-enthusiasts communities are crazy about us but it’s not enough for us!

Our community is the base from where our project started, and we already gave rewards for helping us spread the word.
On you can find a ref-link: it can be used to share and make other people know about Multiversum.
Every registration via ref-link will grant 2 eMTV for who invited and 5 eMTV bonus to the new subscriber, all of this on top of the classic 5% referral bonus on contributors you invite.
You can find your link on .

The Multiversum Official Community Q&A has just finished: almost 1000 interventions literally flooded our devs with questions, and the best questions have been awarded with an airdrop.
It was a great success and the community was amazed.
This completely positive feedback forced the team to organize another Q&A on June, 5 at 11:00 UTC, airdrop and special gifts at stake! DO NOT MISS!

Multiversum is fond of a solid community, among the supporters we can find many graphic designers and videomakers, therefore we will run another bounty: our Art Director, Matteo Peterlini, along with our marketing squad, will reward the best advertising videos and stickers that will be published on social networks, YouTube and forums with
#Multiversum ;
#GotTalent and
#Tipoftherocket tags.
After publishing it, we kindly ask you to send all of the produced material to for review (please, use WeTransfer or Vimeo for heavy files).

First place: 1'000 eMTV tokens
Second place: 300 eMTV tokens
Third place: 200 eMTV tokens

Stickers / Graphic ads
(Sticker packs of five)
100 eMTV for the coolest ones, no ranking.

To take part you have to register at and submit the link of your advertising post (either sticker or video) on the social network to and join .

Furthermore, Multiversum prepares to use its first internal real application.
The blockchain report as a true application for the use of a vote for the community that supports us, will be possible to vote through the portal

From the portal, you can access the vote through the “Vote Airdrop Mode” section, the vote will be reported safely and immutably in the Multiversum Blockchain.

Multiversum, Here to stay

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