Multiversum is ready! Pre-ICO starts NOW!

Matteo Monti
Mar 1, 2018 · 3 min read

March 1st, 2018 is an important day for Multiversum: it marks its public launch with the start of the pre-ICO phase.

This stage represents a first important step for us : the beginning of an exciting path that we will cover together. You will be able to follow its development through the community ( and our information channels (

Starting today, March 1st, and until March 31st, it will be possible to get the lavish bonuses of the pre-ICO period.
We have 141,000,000 coins on hand to distribute to the public. Those who trust the project from its very beginning will be rewarded with a bonus from 25% to 35%, without any minimum limit for their donation.
We are also thrilled to offer a higher bonus in this phase in order to publicize our extraordinary project:
— from 0 to 1,000 $, Multiversum will offer a 25% bonus

- from 1,000 to 50,000 $ the bonus will go up to 30%
— of more than 50,000 $ the bonus will reach its peak, up to 35%.

Technical details regarding the gathering of donations:

Soft Cap 5,000,000 $

(if the soft cap is not reached during the pre-ICO and ICO periods, funds will be given back to donors)

Hard Cap 65,000,000 $

(when the hard cap is reached donations will be suspended)

Total Supply 141,000,000 MTV

You can check the progress of the collection on our website

As a further sign of appreciation for those who are going to participate in our revolution, we will organize bi-weekly airdrops for those who will hold 100% of the coins in their wallet: all tokens that are not allocated during the ICO will be distributed.

The airdrop will start 2 weeks after the end of the ICO and will run continuously for 18 months.

1% of the funds obtained by donations will be assigned to charity.

A lot of work was accomplished during the various stages of preparation for the launch.

Of all the various achievements, we are particularly proud of the creation of a team of professionals, assembled by carefully selecting the most suitable people for the necessary positions.
At the moment, the team is mainly composed of blockchain development staff, including developers, infrastructure management professionals and specialists in cybersecurity.
Our marketing team was also put together by carefully selecting professionals of this sector and leading advisors who will be able to support us throughout our journey and who will give us the opportunity to communicate the features of our project and make it globally known among privates, corporations and institutions.

We also partnered with AmaZix, a company which will support the development of the project and will help the project express its full potential.
Many more partnerships will be announced soon!

We want to start with a clear vision from the very beginning.
Recently, newspapers, magazines and information channels have been increasingly emphasizing how the current demands of blockchain will no longer be limited to small businesses: bigger and bigger companies are about to take part in the revolution and want to request the implementation of blockchain for the data management of their company.
Multiversum has a natural propensity for the use of blockchain in industrial, institutional, public and enterprise contexts. Starting from these requests, we want to meet the current needs of companies and take the safety and reliability of our technology to a new and higher level.

The pre-ICO is a first step to ensure that this is implemented, and we firmly believe that this vision will be fulfilled in a very short time.
Our desire is to bring a multiverse of knowledge and innovations in a blockchain that is fast, safe and reliable.

We have exceeded the threshold of 2.7 million $ funds in just 3 weeks, solely by Italian donors.
We are thrilled to see that people are perceiving the potential of the project and we are absolutely ready to launch our blockchain on the market.

What about you? Are you ready to join the revolution?





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