Dear Mr. Trump

Editor’s Note:

If there were a Stevie Nicks of the Modern Feminist Era, it would be Amy Ferris. With a searing writing career that has taken her to Off-Broadway (Marrying George Clooney: Confessions From A Mid-life Crisis), author- and editorship (A Is For Ambien, Dancing At The Shame Prom, He Said What?, The Drinking Diaries, Exit Laughing, and The Buddha Next Door, to name some), innumerable big and small screen writer gigs, and receipt of praise from The New York Times (“Poignant, free-wheeling, cranky and funny,” says Ruth Pennebaker), she would be as likely as any woman to help take the helm of today’s Feminist Movement. It is her fierceness, however, courage to tell it like it really is, fairness, “Warrior Shero” mentality and voice that has captured the attention of leading Feminists across the country, and legions of fans. Her friend list reads like a Who’s Who of national activists, and her Facebook posts recently reached over one million “likes” — that number does not even near members who have “viewed” her material, likely four times more. I first encountered Amy vis-a-vis close friends who’d been following her for years, and when I finally checked out her page I had a serious Goddess moment: through all the din of cable and network news programming, countless arbiters and self-proclaimed speakers for a generation, through podcasts, written word and send-ups from corporate honchos, here stood valiantly, like a solitary reed, a songbook of reason that made all the other noise simply disappear. Amy Ferris roars truth, and incidentally happens to be a woman. It is with enormous gratitude and hope to inspire women, and men, that I present our first of 12 nationally recognized guest writers, a Shero of Sheroes when we need one most, Amy Ferris, and by special arrangement publish one of her famous posts which I feel captures best her spirit, and the desperate times we are in.

Dear Mr. trump,

I’ve thought long & hard about this. It’s kept me up at night, nights. Tossing and turning and tossing and fucking turning.

First, you must know, I do not consider you my President. That would be like considering a man — any man — who beat the living shit out of his girlfriend or boyfriend or lover or partner as a caregiver. Let’s get that straight: you’re an abuser, a bully, a manipulator, you are not a caregiver.

You create unbearable pain & sorrow and chaos and then pose as a Hero, a Knight in shining fucking armor.

You are not a Hero or a leader or a Knight, you’re a self-absorbed dictator; actually you’re worse because your level of cruel matches your level of ignorance and that combination is just lethal, so, let’s leave it at that.

This wall you wanna build — keeping folks away from each other; it’s already been built. The damage is already done. A huge divide — a real palpable divisiveness among humans — it is so thick, so intense, so filled with violence and hatred and a cruelty that seeps through all & everything, day & night.

So far this year alone, there have been over 300 mass killings, no one had to sneak into America, over a border, to do the killings. Those folks, those white boys & white men filled with a vengeance so deep, so thick, so long — filled with an unstoppable rage that you have given permission to, that you have validated — a rage and anger that has been bubbling & brewing, ignited & lit by your words, your rallies, your absolute disregard for all those who are different, look different, whose color is different — white men and white boys raging against all folks who stand their ground, who speak their truth, who write the truth…you, Mr. trump, ARE THE WALL.

You stand between what is good and evil, what is right and wrong, what is kind and god-fucking-awful. YOU ARE THE WALL. You came in with your holier than thou, my way or the highway — I AM THE FUCKING LAW — and you have created such a heinous ugly catastrophic mess.

The Wall you have created is made up of human flesh and human bone and human blood and human hearts and muscle and veins and body parts. Can’t you hear them sawing the bodies, can’t you hear the bones being chipped, Mr. trump?

You choose to stand with dictators and evil doers, and Neo-Nazi’s and White Supremacists and Nationalists.

You choose to stand with them, next to them, for them. You have built your wall. It is standing. It surrounds you. These are the men and the women and the boys and the girls who stand with you, guard you, protect you, and they kill for you.

I am here to tell you, Mr. trump, that good decent folks, loving folks, kind & mighty folks, fierce folks with a heart & a soul, and a courage and a brave the likes of which you have never seen will knock that wall down because this is our Country — OUR COUNTRY — this is where we get to kneel on football fields & sports fields for injustice, this is where we get to stand up for our Black citizens — People of Color — massacred on sight, this is where we get to make a ruckus for all the children, kids slaughtered in their classrooms by AR-15’s, for all the Jewish people gunned down in Synagogues by anti-Semites, for all the churchgoers and the music lovers swaying to the beat of their own faith & life, for all the homophobic cruelty, and all the xenophobic butchering, all the migrants scared to death that they will lose their lives, their children, their dignity, their place in the world, that this is where we get to march for gun reform and healthcare and women’s rights and human rights and arts and education and keeping all our rights intact.

We will knock down your indecency. We will knock down your cruelty. We will knock down your ignorance. We will knock down your intolerance. We will knock down your phobias. We will knock down your hatred. We will not allow the asylum to be run by the inmates. We will knock down your wall, Mr. trump.

We fucking will.

Best & warm, Amy