JFK’s “Ask” Persistently Relevant

May 21 local election calls US to step up now — just like AOC

“…the America that we’re living in is so dystopian …that fierce urgency of now…Until we ALL start pitching in, holding people accountable …” [1m 45s]

John F. Kennedy inspired the world with the same vigor and charisma that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez uses to lead the charge.

“Ask not what America will do for you, but what together WE can do” [1m 18s]

JFK, age 43, was our 2nd youngest US President. His inspirational “Ask not…but what YOU can do…” inauguration plea instantly became a timeless truth. Its generation of ferocious activism speaks pointedly to every Democrat today.

It calls us to a very important mission that we typically overlook, to our peril — VERY LOCAL, EVERYDAY BASIC, UNGLAMOROUS, OPERATIONAL GOVERNMENT.

We NEED committed, everyday Democrats, to run for education, fire protection, and water district offices, in every neighborhood.

JFK woke the nation, energized the youngest, and inspired the citizenry to strive for ideals that no one had dared dream. He called us to believe in ourselves and step up, with no fear, no reservation. He rallied us to serve, for the greater good.

Our war today calls for no less. We battle Trump and tyranny by the greedy selfish. We demand equality, justice, and opportunity.

For sure, the tempestuous ‘60s were every bit as threatening as today. And our monumental advances then demonstrate how bold activism can achieve titanic, generational change now.

It’s easy to get fired up about national politics. Yet what we really need now is committed citizens who represent Democratic values, to be elected in all our very local offices!

Why? Because Democrats are at their core, about having each other’s back.

It’s seriously important that we elect officials to all our local education, fire protection, and water districts who represent Democratic values — the values in our MultDems Platform, the values that look out for each other, that prioritize common everyday people and all the groups under our big tent.

We need those local government policies, taxes/prices, and operations that affect us everyday, to benefit first — all of us real people. Local officials determine the priorities of how well each constituency is served and much it pays…or who is indulged or not held accountable.

Everyday real PEOPLE vs corporations & plutocrats [Cartoon by M.Weurker]

If we don’t elect Democrats, we’ll get what we don’t want. The self-serving wealthy and big corporations always compete, and often win, simply because we don’t even try. And if we’re not attentive, a right-wing extremist can sneak in and cause a lot of hurt.

But we can’t win unless we have local neighborhood Dems to step up and be candidates! Yes, JFK is “asking…you”!

And if not you, can you help convince a local friend who would be a solid candidate?

You don’t need the chutzpah of AOC — just the willingness to serve. File by Mar 21. Notice of Election — May 2019 Special Election | Multnomah County outlines all the open positions and details.

Plus, your MultDems Party wants you to succeed. Check out their free candidate training. They’ll also promote you in their handsome new May 2019 Special District Election Voter Guide web site, and work to GOTV.

Also, these candidates need volunteers! If they’re willing to serve on our behalf, don’t they deserve our assistance to get them elected? Sign up, and help make a difference in your community.

And then we need all the rest of us to actually vote for them in the May 21 election. It’s that spring election too many people think isn’t worth their time. No, it is!

One more thing. It’s historical. Some of these ‘local’ officials discover they’re kind of good at this stuff, and ‘grow up’ to run for next level higher offices. It’s one very powerful way Dems develop their ‘bench’ for future candidates at every level, all the way to President.

JFK is asking YOU. Please consider. DO what you can!