My 9 Point Suggestion List For Speaker Pelosi In 2019

As 2019 begins, I find myself drawn to the tragedy the US has found itself in as a result of one of the most politically and practically divisive years in its history.

What seems as devastating as any other element of a deranged presidency is the short term inability for anyone, any group, to do anything to undo the damage that's been done and stop impending crises destined to result if the Trump leadership is allowed to continue. As such, in my own small, layperson's way, I feel compelled to do something, anything, to contribute toward national dialogue to mitigate as much destruction as possible in the year to come.

Here is my shortlist of suggestions:

1) You have leverage against President Trump, use it.

Please, Speaker Pelosi, realize with the impending release of the Mueller probe a trove of damaging facts pointing to felonious, if not treasonous, criminal behavior by the Commander In Chief and his cronies. Knowing this information, with its litigious and legacy implictions, it would seem to me far more wise to nudge President Trump in policy direction than to publicly shame the man.

2) Stop publicly shaming President Trump.

Reactions leaving the Oval Office after a PR ambush undercutting Trump's manhood should be avoided. Not only do they read as petty to both sides (true, or not), it is undignified for the Speaker-Elect and third in line to the most powerful post in the country to deign to such behavior, and actually serves the darker influences of the White House. Speaker Pelosi should realize that she potentially could become the first female President of the United States if full legal recourse against Trump and his transition team activities comes to bear.

3) Don't impeach, remove.

If half of the leaked allegations of Trump criminal activity are true, and there is enough evidence to indict and pursue charges against the sitting President, both he and Vice President Pence should be removed from office. If that happens, by Constitutional authority, Speaker of the House would then be the new President of the United States. To my senses, this seems to be the most appropriate route for ousting President Trump from office. Impeachment is a double-edged sword, as was proved by GOP losses after the Clinton impeachment. Why turn what is a national crisis into a party political battle? Impeachment will do just that; it will serve as jet fuel for GOP races in 2020.

4) Realize the domestic and international dangers of aiming for a 2020 showdown.

Be mindful of: Russian influence on foreign policy (Syria withdrawal, release of key Russian sanctions), attacks on environment, education, public safety, the Fed and US Treasury, inflammatory and irresponsible rhethoric that will lead only to further US cultural schism and, most certainly, forms and execution of violence, retaliatory gestures that will come at the hand of either the President himself, or from whatever hold Putin and Russia seem to have on Trump's decision-making process, tweet storms uncountable, thousands more untruths and intentionally misleading fabrications left unchecked, incalculable destruction to relationships with allies, NATO and other strategic alliances, posturing that could very well lead to a new World War, executive order and cabinet level strokes of pen that have the potential for further routing of US infrastructure and economic well-being, tariff and trade war escalations, as well as further abuses of power that are not even recognizable or able to be anticipated at this juncture. The list goes on. Please remember that it took three decades from plan to opening day to construct the Twin Towers, and only one day to destroy them. Such is the power of destructive intent, and the urgent need to remove President Trump as soon as possible from power.

5) Provide the face-saving exit door for Trump.

Trump's narcissism and pride will have him resisting the release of whatever hold on power he has, even if it means disgracing his legacy. Coming out of a family with generations of political experience at all levels, I urge Speaker Pelosi to consider the value of paving an attractive opportunity for President Trump to step down, with full honors, before any DOJ, House or inter-party mud-slinging commences in full force? This tool in diplomacy has averted many a war and calamity from occurring, and has spared millions from unnecessary conflicts and bilge stemming from power struggles that have been denigrated to slug-fests. All President Trump and his family need are Platinum Parachutes to leave office, and, if I'm reading things correctly, avoidence from further public indictment and immunity for crimes already committed. Offer this, and I may be speaking to President Pelosi in the near future.

6) Please, keep to highest ground.

In the postmortem, anything gutter-derived delivered by Democrats and other non-GOP members will be used against progressives in future campaigns, so why fuel these fires? What is happening, truly, to the United States is an unabashed assault on our free press, Constitution, rule of law, and vacating of governmental infrastructure that has taken decades of hard work and compromise to achieve. Sticking, as Mueller does, to the sobering reality of these attacks, and faith in judicial review and consequences to affect necessary change, will allow healing by identifying, removing and recovering from devastation. In the rearview, the fewer snarky remarks, the better. Once the growing scab on our democracy has been given the full benefit of history's view, it will be the noble actions that will be glorified the most, not the cutting remarks of passionate lawmakers resorting to sound bites and PR warfare. Words and actions now may either ease, or make more difficult, this transition. The scalpel of excision must be deftly used to cleanse our government from doers of harm.

7) Form a crisis-management task force.

Please, let us call it what it is: an attack on US democracy. What is at stake? Everything, from our international standing to stock market and currency stability. Illegal actions that have put crooks in the White House who are compromised by a hostile foreign government is nothing short of an national emergency. Please consider creating a beyond-Democratic-shores task force composed of a broad base of influential actors who can publicly announce themselves, their scope of consideration and their actions to counter the bleeding caused by an unscrupulous and uncaring criminal who is taking our country down.

8) This is not political win or lose time, it is Joan of Arc time.

We need you, Speaker Pelosi, to involve every fiber of your experience to succeed in purging this cancer in the White House. We need you, Speaker Pelosi, to use every legal means to save our country form further demise at the hand of tyrannical influences. We need you, Speaker Pelosi, to draw a line in the sand, realize the need to coalesce in intra- and extra-governmental manner a resistance to the incredible damage that is being done to our country. We need you, Speaker Pelosi, to succeed. William Wallace, Joan of Arc, Roosevelt, Churchill, Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Mercy Otis Warren--lead us through this, and your name will be added to this list.

9) Succeed. At all costs, succeed.