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It's a wrap for 2021!

Mumkin highlights this year and to the new beginning of 2022.

By Mumkin Staff

Mumkin has officially grown a year older, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who has been a part of our journey so far. We have seen the world change, working amidst a pandemic, being apart from families and colleagues, working from home, and the different forms of our life that we grew accustomed to (or not). This is our wrap-up for the whirlwind that has been the year 2021. This listicle is to pause and reflect on the work that Mumkin has achieved during the past 12 months as we finally bid farewell to 2021 and welcome 2022. *Fingers crossed*

01. The Mumkin App on Google Play Store

After over 18 months of research, programming, and community outreach (and gulping enormous amounts of caffeine), as the pandemic loomed above us, we finally launched the latest version of the Mumkin app on the Google Play Store on January 15th, '21.

02. Mumkin Research

This year we launched an ovarian research study (seminal is dated) titled 'Talking about Female Khatna in the Bohra Community,' a critical research study to understand the attitudes and feelings of FGC practicing community members.

The Mumkin research study has been conducted, bringing together the voices of 221 respondents from 17 countries. Head over to the Mumkin Instagram page to find our key findings.

03. Linktree Passion fund Gold Winner

We won! Linktree awarded Priya Goswami, creator, and CEO of Mumkin, the Passion Fund Gold. Watch this very embarrassing video of the surprise announcement. *Happy tears*. This recognition strengthens our determination to continue creating technology addressing gender-based violence and sexuality.

04. Mumkin Safe-tech talks

Mumkin is committed to analysing technology critically. What is 'safe' about technology? Does safe-tech even exist? We ask tough questions on tech to understand the global developments in technology.

This year, Mumkin hosted seven safe-tech talks with creators from around the globe to reflect and look at technology from a critical perspective.

  • We flagged the first Mumkin safe-tech talk with Elsa Marie D'Silva, founder of the SafeCity App.
  • Our second talk took us to Y Combinator-backed founders — Angela Hoover and Jed White, working on a privacy-centered search engine,
  • We were thrilled to host Bishaka Datta of Point of View, our third talk, discussing intersections of gender, technology, and sexuality.
  • Following an illuminating talk at the #Rightscon2021, we invited Divij Joshi, the creator of 'AI observatory,' to talk about Automated Decision-Making processes (ADMS) in the Indian context.
  • Following which we had an incredibly illuminating talk with Maya Indira Ganesh's 'A is for Another.'
  • We also spoke to Bryan Kosarek, CEO of a startup, The Unitē App, to understand the role of community in building startups.
  • And lastly, rounding up the year, we spoke to Pragya Roy from the YP Foundation, working on access to safe-abortions using feminist data collection methodologies.

05. Mumkin feminist writers' cohort

Mumkin Feminist Writers' Cohort is for anything and everything feminist. Our first cohort is led by feminists, writers, and researchers Malavika Parthasarathy, Debarati Choudhary, Nisha Kumari, and Mridula Sharma. What else? You will e-meet changemakers via intimate group sessions, talk all things feminist and write on whatever you are burning to share to usher in a room of one's own.

If you are a feminist writer who ardently believes in intersectionality, drop us a line at

06. Mumkin Animation

We also launched our Youtube with the fantastic animation created by Ranjitha Ranjeevan and Basim Abu. Do head out to our Youtube channel and show us some love *purple hearts*.

Now for the launches! FRESH for 2022 *Drum Rolls*

Mumkin Feminist Creator and Changemakers' Fellowship

Mumkin launched its first fellowship program to offer support and short-term creator grants for south-Asian feminist creators and changemakers. We are incredibly excited to be announcing the winners early in 2022. *Hang tight*

MumkinForSurvivorsas we build Mumkin 2.0

We have launched #MumkinForSurvivors, a campaign for survivors of gender-based violence (GBV). Mumkin hopes to mitigate the isolation of survivors of GBV by creating modules with verified mental health and legal resources, that would only be one tap away.

Love the idea? We hope you can make a small contribution here, we consider this your support towards our vision of safe, ethically-led feminist technology.

Please consider supporting Mumkin via our RazorPay page.

Can't wait for more in 2022? We neither!

With a lot of gratitude~Team Mumkin




Mumkin is an Artificial-Intelligence (AI) driven app

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