Before They Where Bosses, They Saw Themselves As Bosses.

Thought blurbs, that should be in best seller Non-fiction

#1. Thereโ€™s a difference between a promoted slave and a king taking back his power.

After some soul searching I notice people only care about you when you threaten their way of living by the way you own your success and busk in your own happinessโ€ฆ

If only you stay independent of the outcome for 90 days; I promise you wonโ€™t be the same.

Be a winner even when you ainโ€™t winning.

The most dangerous people in the world are the people that are not shaken by the outcome of something. These people go on to create the companies, schools, businesses that we once hated; all of a sudden love โ€” just because their names are in the mouth of society.

Just so you know, the universe tends to bless those around you before you; in order to see who you are beneath this, โ€œOh, Iโ€™m so happy for themโ€

Bullshit! We know deep down youโ€™re like, โ€œThey donโ€™t deserve it! I shouldโ€™ve been first placeโ€

But do you know what they went through just so they can have it? Thatโ€™s what I thought.

When you look at it like this: they are those that never say never; then those that never say never โ€” but, only if it means them winning all the time.

Every one will have a drought season. The drought is just a final confirmation of how bad bad do you want it โ€” stay hungry! Stay savage!

Hereโ€™s an idea you havenโ€™t thought (yes I said that with sarcasm).

The world wonโ€™t welcome you into your own house.

You have to take whatโ€™s yours, and own your shit! Donโ€™t bullshit this, but; do you think you would turn over a billion dollars to a blind man if he never knew that he had that much money? So why do you complain and cry, โ€œWhy me!โ€, when you keep sleeping on your level โ€” waiting on someone to invite you to your own table?

Seems like ignorance is bliss; only until itโ€™s time to reminisce on the regrets from not taking chances to figure out whatโ€™s yours, huh?

But remember, crying about shit you canโ€™t change is a waste of energy. Unless you can change it โ€” cry it! Use that pain to remind yourself to never come back this place again. Cross your heart and tell yourself, โ€œI will never disrespect my self like this againโ€.

From that day forward, you will start to feel like you are doing something so wrong, anytime you stoop below your worthโ€ฆLike this.

People will interject by confronting you, โ€œwhy you holding yourself to such a high standard? You were never like thisโ€ฆโ€ Donโ€™t fall for it. Itโ€™s a shit test!

This is because they were used to sleeping you like left over lasagnaโ€ฆ

And this is the challenge: will you let them put you back in your old prison cell, where you said yes to everything even if you didnโ€™t truly agree deep down?

A lot of people are stuck here.

Where they know they are with more, sometimesโ€ฆthat is sometimes; they will only step up to the person if they arenโ€™t threatening enough or if they donโ€™t care about that personโ€™s opinion of them. See, and thatโ€™s where the problem is. Giving a fuck.

In the end; yes you will give a fuck to some degree โ€” but the balance comes when you detach yourself from the outcome of anything that happens around you or to you โ€” trusting that in the end you will be fine โ€” even if you are not.

Our attachment to the outcome, comes from the fear of not having lived our lives fully.

Fear of death is a reminder that you are not living your life as you should be. Why you think the people scared to die are those who have the most stability, financially? Itโ€™s because โ€” sometimes (not all the time) they forget to have fun, and instead they buy the things that are labeled fun just so they can look like fun to be around.

Deep down they hate their own life. They want to die, but they scared of dying. They are scared because they know they are cheating and robbing themselves of what a great life they could have, if only they let go of being attached to things.

Donโ€™t make your whole life mission about being attached to things or others. Be so in love with yourself that things want to attach to you โ€” thatโ€™s how value is built.

Attachment to the outcome also causes entitlement.

Entitlement is simply, when you expect the world grant you things that you never worked for. This happens when you forget what hunger feels like. You become obese or obsessed with โ€˜eatingโ€™, or too high to function.

Just like in scarface: rule number 1. Never get high off your own supply.

Pleasure and luxury are all great things. But everything needs or should have a balance to some degree.

โ€ฆIโ€™m gonna get in trouble for this โ€” [but, fuck it!]โ€ฆ

Libera-tism frees us from in-optimal conserving thoughts that stop one from developing further as a human specie. Conservatism on the other hand; itโ€™s there to preserve oneโ€™s mind from going insane. Both sides play a major role in balancing society.

Without an objective truth; together weโ€™re like three blind mice in a Shrek movie arguing on who should light the dynamite. You know what happens next from hereโ€ฆ

I guess what Iโ€™m saying is: live life with polarity.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.




My Acceptance Letter is the concept behind remixing literature & culture. I wanted to share something unique thatโ€™s never been done before; mixing, science philosophy, psychology, business & art to share one powerful idea at a timeโ€ฆ

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