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This post mentions some SQL Server experts you need to know during your SQL Server journey. Those experts are Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals that highly contributed to SQL Server the community.

I am sure there are many more experts in the SQL Server community, but I will be mentioning the ones whose contributions helped me while working with SQL Server ecosystem.

Brent Ozar — The guy who make SQL Server go faster

Brent Ozar (Reference)

Brent Ozar is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and a Certified Master. He is a SQL Server database administrator and a performance tuning expert. It is highly recommended to follow Brent on his social media accounts to be updated with the latest performance tuning tips and tricks. Besides, Brent offers special discounts, free courses, and live sessions periodically.

2. Andy Leonard — Data Philosopher

Andy Leonard (Reference)

Andy Leonard is a data integration expert that authored several books. He is specialized in SQL Server Integration Services, Azure Data Factory, and Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language). He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and a Biml Hero. You can follow Andy to get the latest updates about SSIS and ADF.

3. Erik Darling — Performance Tuning Expert

Erik Darling (Reference)

Erik Darling is one of the most professional SQL Server database administrators. Years ago, he was one of the experts working at Brent Ozar Unlimited. Currently, he has his training and consultancy website called Erik Darling Data. You can check Erik’s answers at the Stack Exchange database administrators community to see how much he has experience tuning SQL Server.

4. Cathrine Wilhelmsen — Biml Hero

Cathrine Wilhelmsen (Reference)

Catherine is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and Biml Hero. Years ago, I was searching for good resources to learn Biml. Catherine’s valuable presentation slides and published articles were the primary references that allowed me to build and manage complex SSIS packages using the BimlExpress tool.

5. Bill Fellows — The SSIS Master

Bill Fellows (Reference)

Bill Fellows is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional that has unique experience in SQL Server Integration Services. With more than 1200 answers and 3000 scores, he is the top SSIS answerer on the Stack Overflow community. Bill provides well explained and valuable solutions that helped many people solve problems they are facing in SSIS. Besides, since he is a Biml expert, he co-authored “The Biml book”.

6. Pinal Dave — Performance Tuning Expert

Pinal Dave (Reference)

Pinal Dave is a Microsoft Most valuable professional. He is one of the greatest SQL Server experts with a unique performance tuning experience and performing health checks. Pinal periodically posts helpful videos on his Youtube channel. Besides, his blog posts are a good reference for troubleshooting your SQL Server.

7. Greg Galloway — SSAS and analytics Expert

Greg Galloway (Reference)

Greg Galloway is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional that has excellent experience in SQL Server Analysis Services. He is the second top SSAS answerer in the Stack Overflow community. While SSAS troubleshooting is complicated, Greg’s posts were the primary reference for me to solve any issue that I was facing.

8. Meagan Longoria — Data Savvy

Meagan Longoria (Reference)

Meagan is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional specialized in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. She has a great experience in SSAS, SSRS, Azure Data Factory, and other technologies.
Meagan periodically writes very informative articles about SQL Server and Azure.

In this article, I mentioned some SQL Server Gurus that made valuable contributions to the community and helped me a lot during my SQL journey. If you know more SQL Server experts with notable contributions, don’t hesitate to share their names, websites, and social media accounts in the comments.

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