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Adding MySQL, SQLite, and Oracle support to SchemaMapper

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As in the first release (1.0.0), SchemaMapper was developed to merge data from different file types (flat file, Excel, Access …) into one SQL table. SchemaMapper 1.1.0 was released after being improved to support reading from relational databases and writing data into more data formats. Also, SchemaMapper 1.1.0 is now available via NuGet package.

SchemaMapper 1.1.0 Release Notes — April 14, 2020

New — Improvements

  • Added the ability to import data from relational databases (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLCe, SQLite)
  • Added the ability to export data into Flat files, XML, and relational tables (Oracle, MySQL)
  • Source code optimization (OOP, added exporters namespace)
  • Support of Boolean data type in source and destination tables

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bugs within the Excel Cleaner class
  • Fixed bugs within the SchemaMapping namespace
  • Fixed bugs within the Test project

Fixed Issues



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