Tech Tip: How to Parse an SQL Command?

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It is not easy to extract object names from an SQL command since they may be written in different ways (with/without schema, databases name included …). Still, there are many option to extract objects from an SQL query that you can try.

This quick tip illustrates different approaches to parse a SQL Command.

Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are patterns used to match character combinations in strings. They can be used to extract the different parts composing a SQL command. For example: You have to search for the words located after the following keywords:

  • FROM
  • JOIN

The following code is a C# example:

Regex regex = new Regex(@"\bJOIN\s+(?<Retrieve>[a-zA-Z\._\d\[\]]+)\b|\bFROM\s+(?<Retrieve>[a-zA-Z\._\d\[\]]+)\b|\bUPDATE\s+(?<Update>[a-zA-Z\._\d]+)\b|\bINSERT\s+(?:\bINTO\b)?\s+(?<Insert>[a-zA-Z\._\d]+)\b|\bTRUNCATE\s+TABLE\s+(?<Delete>[a-zA-Z\._\d]+)\b|\bDELETE\s+(?:\bFROM\b)?\s+(?<Delete>[a-zA-Z\._\d]+)\b");

var obj = regex.Matches(sql);

foreach(Match m in obj)

Console.WriteLine(m.ToString().Substring(m.ToString().IndexOf(" ")).Trim());


SQL parsers

There are several open-source projects and third-party tools for parsing SQL commands.

.NET Tsql Parser

This is an official .NET library that accurately produces an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) representation of the T-SQL code.

A commercial SQL parser developed by GUDU software company.

GitHub SQL Parsers

There are several SQL parsers published on GitHub. They are listed under the sql-parser topic.

Other projects

Other open-source projects can be found on different public repositories such as Code Project.



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