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Tech Blog is a Medium publication that tends to publish technical articles, ideas, and tutorials.

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If you are interested in sharing your knowledge with us, please read the article writing guidelines and submission rules before submitting your first article.

Submission rules

Before submitting your article, you need to know a few essential things. Make sure you read each point well and understand them; as submitting an article to Tech Blog, you agree to comply with all of them.

  1. Medium’s Rules and Terms of Service apply to Tech Blog as it is a Medium publication. Make sure you read it before submitting your article.
  2. We have adopted Medium’s Curation Guidelines for every article we publish. This means that if your post isn’t of a high enough quality to be curated or doesn’t follow the guidelines, we won’t publish it on Tech Blog.
  3. Any article you share with us must be entirely your own original work; you can’t take other writers’ words and present them as your own, and we also don’t allow AI-generated articles, even when you’re the one who prompted its creation.
  4. We might directly edit your content to correct basic spelling mistakes and update minimal formatting. Also, we might remove images where the source isn’t clearly stated.
  5. We can remove any articles you post on Tech Blog for any reason. If we do so, your content will not be lost but still hosted on Medium.com and redirected there.
  6. If our editorial team finds one or more violations of our rules, we can remove you and all of your articles from our publication and report them to Medium.
  7. We only accept 800+ words articles.

Writing Guidelines

At Tech Blog, we facilitate the publishing process while keeping good quality of the published articles. As a writer, you should consider the following points when you prepare your article:

1. Using a short title and an insightful subtitle

Make sure your article title is short and straightforward, while you can give the reader more insights in a well-formatted subtitle.

2. Adding an introduction

An article should start with an introduction where the writer illustrates the article’s main idea. You can refer to the following articles as an example:

3. Adding a conlusion/summary section

An article should end with a conclusion or summary section, where the writer briefly states the main idea he discussed in the article. You can refer to the following articles as an example:

4. Adding a references section

We encourage writers to list all the resources they referred to while writing the article. Also, they should mention if they utilized an AI technology (i.e., ChatGPT). For example, you can add the following sentence to the references section:

We utilized ChatGPT to improve the quality of this article.

When adding a reference, we prefer using the APA format. In addition, we accept just adding a well-formatted hyperlink (At least it should contain the article title). For example:

5. Referencing images

Writers should mention the image reference within the image caption if they are not using an owned image/screenshot.

6. Using code snippets

To make code snippets more accessible and usable, avoid screenshots. Instead, here are two solutions for you to choose from:

7. Add an attractive featured image at the beginning

You can use Unsplash. Most of the content on Unsplash is fine to use without asking for permission. You can learn more about their license here.

8. Use a writing assistant

Using a writing assistant application is recommended to ensure that your article contains few typos and grammatical errors. For instance, you can use a free application such as Grammarly.

How to submit your first article?

To become a writer, please send your article using our form. We accept article drafts or even article that are already published on Medium. Please note that we only work on Medium. We don’t proofread articles published on your blog, a PDF, or a google doc.

Submit your first article

If you are having an issue with our online form, you can send a link to your article via email to info@munchybytes.com. Please make sure to follow the instructions listed below:

  • Do not email us an article that you have already sent via our form.
  • While we have an open submission policy, we do not accept or publish all articles submitted to us. We cannot guarantee a reply to every email.
  • Please note that we only work on Medium. We don’t proofread articles published on your blog, a PDF, or a google doc.
  • Please include your resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email.
  • Use your professional or academic email address. It helps us to verify your profile and resume.

Finally, once you have published your first article with us, we will add you to the Tech Blog Medium publication as a writer and you will be able to submit subsequent articles directly through Medium.



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