In Your Mid-40s and Healthy? Let’s Shoot the 💩

And I mean literally

Photo by the author (Marmi Le)

If you’re like me (a middle aged broad whose back sometimes gives her problems but is otherwise healthy as a horse), then you probably seldom get seen by a physician except for annual checkups, if that. Hey, I get it. Whatever your reason (mine was the old “I don’t have time” excuse but other common ones are lack of or expensive-to-use health…




Blog about normcore stuff such as work, TV, music, and other sedentary activities. Enjoying a funny remark your child or spouse made. Reading a good book. Occasionally putting in the effort to make a yummy veggie lasagna. Little things in life that provide the highest ROI.

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Marmi Maramot Le

Marmi Maramot Le

Data nerd for longer than Gen Z has been alive, mom, and former Jeopardy contestant

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