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The Year that Passed for MUNner’s daily

Exactly a year back, a few members of the MEC MUN Society felt that the resources required for a MUN preparation were scarce. As a club, where our main objective was to help delegates attending MUNs to win prizes and also to help the Kerala circuit to grow, we were searching for unique ideas. An incredible idea struck us, which was to start something which would have good tutorials on the same and will be helpful. Hence we, the office bearers and the content team of MUNSOC started this unique platform- i.e. a blog for MUNners. As we say, only a MUNner can understand the problems of other MUNners!

Our maiden article by Niranjana published on 29/06/2019

This was a unique concept because we were the first MUN Society in Kerala and perhaps the only MUNSoc to have a blog- MUNner’s daily, the Bustle unheard. It was a daunting task, getting writers, editing works, putting them, and we didn’t have anything to look up to as such. We looked up to a model like Paperkin, and we finalised doing it on Medium because it’s user friendly and requires zero investment.

The first article was published, and it received a bright response from everyone. It was basically on the legacy of MUNs in MEC, the formation of the club and the importance of MUNning. The biggest feature of the blog was that anyone could contribute and the language used is simple and easy to understand. Even a person who hadn’t yet been to a MUN could also comprehend what is written and could associate with it well.

Our most viewed article by Alan Antony

Ema Arun and Harinarayanan Shaji took up the daunting task of editing articles and publishing them alongside me. We started an Instagram page where we did post a lot of posters representing the articles. Harinarayanan Shaji takes care of all our aesthetic work because he is a talented graphical designer.

Apart from MUN materials like The paperwork behind MUN, All you need to know about MUN?, How to do effective research? etc, we also started 3 subheadings, which everyone could navigate into- International Relations, Sustainable Developmental Goals and Indian Politics. The main reason for the same was MUN being not just an academic activity, but a deep understanding of various socio-political issues as well. We published articles on the Kashmir issue, Delhi riots, Brexit, National Education Policy, UAPA, Air pollution, Digital payment methods, US-Iran conflict and a lot more.

Article on Milleniuum Fellowship

We received good support from the content team itself and to expand out foothold we opened up the contribution to our blog, to guest writers through which we were able to diversify the content, as well as bring a unique perspective to it. Since then we never had to look back for publishing articles, they came frequently to us and because of that, we could publish at least one article per every week, that makes MUNner’s daily the most frequently published blog in MEC.

In September a new MUNner’s daily got a new achievement, where it was accepted by the UNAI and MCN presents Millennium Fellowship as a project. We did have the international recognition and international audience for the blog. In the months of March and April, we were able to publish 2 articles per week and thus, we were forced to start a new subheading- Covid 19 pandemic. We collaborated with IEDC MEC and took part in the awareness campaign which was quite successful.

Article on Covid19 published in march.

Why should I read MUNner’s daily?

Indeed a valid question, at a time when there is no short of information, a valid, credible and unbiased source of information is what we require. We can undoubtedly say from our feedback, that we adhere to our ethics and we publish useful and relevant information, which everyone can use without any doubt. The authors are given the freedom to present their opinion, provided it’s specified as an opinionated article and the author is also ready to take responsibility for the content he/she writes.

We have published around 45+ articles in a short span of 12 months getting over 16K views. We do have a LinkedIn page, we have a fixed readership for all our articles and we do have articles published on all our social media handles- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram regularly without fail. You can add your contribution to your LinkedIn profile and we do recognise the hard work you have put in for the same. MEC MUN Society runs a telegram channel making it the only club in MEC to have one.

Article on Mental Health-

Our Contributors

Majority of the articles published comes from a very dedicated set of people, who are part of the content team. Apart from that, we do have guest writers from across various colleges in Kerala, who had published their works in the blog. Here is a collage of everyone who had contributed their part.

Nebu Titus Thomas, Nikita Menon, Niranjana, Rahul Ramachandran Menon, Sandra Sam, Sangeeth S, Vishnumaya S Unni, Akhil Sreekumar.
Alan Antony, Akshay Balakrishnan, Allen Joseph, AnaghaMohan, Ethena Mothi, Sree Jaya, Gouri Krishna, Fathima Althaf, Lakshmi Sreekumar, Sagar Suresh Kumar

Others- Barath Arjun, Ashwin Saji, Megha Mary Biju, Abhiram Warrier

Editorial Team

Our Editorial consists of Ema Arun who is also in charge of Paperkin, Noel Thomas Bejoy newly inducted editor and our designer Harinarayanan Shaji and myself.

This year we will also be including new members in the editors' team to make the team diverse.

I thank President ASWIN SHANIL and Dr MV Rajesh Sir, our staff in charge for the continuous support.

Our Latest article, written by Fathima Althaf.




So, please do check out our blog page if you are here for the first time, navigate through all the topics and don’t forget to Read, Clap and Share. You can also be in touch with the team and get your article published. Only criteria for it to be published here is nothing but aligning to any subtopic mentioned in the page.

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