4 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Startup

Seeing that startups are as popular as ever, entrepreneurs have to try much harder to get their company out there. A sure way of succeeding to do so is a solid marketing strategy. However, in the beginning, startup companies don’t have nearly enough money in their marketing budgets. There’s still hope, though. Take a look at these easy and inexpensive ways to promote your startup.

1) Customer Care

Build a relationship with your audience. Be available to their requests, respond to their messages and show them that you value their feedback. When your audience is satisfied with your service, they are sure to let other people know which is exactly what you want.

2) Cross Promotion/Backlinking

Find places where your target audience gathers online and engage with them. Help them, discuss and, where you can, offer resources or whatever it is they need from your website, of course, linking it. However, don’t just post links everywhere and spam people — it will cause the opposite of what you want. Engage and convert people to your website through content or answers that they truly need.

3) Video

Videos are the go-to when it comes to marketing nowadays. They are the most effective for convincing and engaging an audience. Maybe most importantly, they are one of the cheapest ways to promote. Of course, I’m not talking Hollywood production here, but mostly everyone today has the means to make a decent video.

4) Marketing IRL

Marketing in real life shouldn’t be neglected — it can be very effective. Hand out business cards, talk to your audience in person. Find local networking events, network and you just might stumble upon new customers or even someone influential who could help you reach an even wider audience.

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