How To Find A Scholarship To Study Abroad

Last week, I published an article on how to cope with studying abroad, if you haven’t, you can read it here. However, what I’ve forgotten to take into consideration is how much harder it is to actually find a scholarship to study abroad.

The place to find the scholarship you are looking for is, obviously, the internet. Keep in mind that today there is lots of information on the internet so it might be challenging to find the information you are looking for, but with persistence you will manage. If you have a specific program in mind, googling that particular program, or googling programs for a specific country might help you narrow your search and find better results. There is an abundance of online sources offering you different ways and lists of potential scholarships.

There are some basic websites whose search is a bit scars and scattered, but there is a chance for you finding some interesting stuff there. Among them are International Scholarships | College Scholarship, Study Abroad Financial Aid, Scholarship Search Center or Best Masters Degrees & Masters Programs 2016.

On the other hand, there are some brilliant search engines for scholarships, but you have to dig deep and try your best to find the perfect match for you.

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