Is Blogging Dead?

An almost twenty year old concept, blogging reached its peak in 2008, after which, following the rise of social media, interest in it has only gone down. In the light of the social media expansion and the appearance of contemporary platforms such as Tumblr or Pinterest, we’re left to ask, “Is blogging dead?”

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon an article about why every student should write a blog. I was almost convinced that it was about time I start one and actually stick with it when I realized that I haven’t seen anyone talk or write about blogging anywhere on the internet in forever (the article I read was a few years old). As would any other millennial facing a problem do, I decided to Google it. Here is what I’ve concluded.

Traditional blogging is dead. It has fallen victim to Tumblr, YouTube Vlogging, Instagram, etc. No one wants to read plain articles online anymore. Not when they can watch other people talk about it, look at photos, or find it in any media form on Tumblr. Furthermore, the people that still want to read simple texts most likely wouldn’t search Blogger or Wordpress, but would go straight to Medium which offers a plethora of different multimedia today. No need to stress, though, there is still a way.

There is still successful bloggers out there. Check out Zoella or Brain Pickings. What you’ll notice all the successful blogs of today have in common is variety of multimedia. All of them incorporate new technologies, videos, live broadcasting, etc. into their posts. Moreover, their content is original and often integrates things such as infographics or even eBooks (be sure to check ours if you haven’t already). Therefore, if you really want it, you can still have it. Just be sure to make it 2017-interesting.

In the end, being uber-popular, earning from blogging and other things aside, having a regular blog can still benefit you in many ways. It is a great platform for networking with people who share similar interests whom you can learn from and teach what you know in return. By “lecturing” others, there’s a higher retention rate for what you are teaching. Furthermore, it is a great writing exercise. It will help you develop your technological knowledge as well as your marketing skills. Finally, “a well-formed blog is like a resume that’s constantly updating itself “ making it the perfect portfolio for recruiters.

All in all, while traditional blogging might be dead, blogging as a concept is nowhere near the same fate. If you want to, start blogging, enjoy the process, and keep these things in mind. Who knows where it might take you?

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