This Fully Funded Spot Could Be Yours — The Resources

Speaking from my personal experience, international conferences just might be my favorite past time. In no other way would I improve as much as by taking part in international conferences. You learn a lot, you improve your skills or acquire new ones altogether and you meet a bunch of new, interesting people.

However, as a student, the biggest problem I usually face are the finances.

Conferences can be quite expensive, and when you add that to the price of international travel and accommodation, I’m lucky if I can afford one in a year.

As they say, though, “where there is a will, there is a way”. A bunch of fully funded conferences exist out there.

If you are not familiar, a fully funded conference is just that — a conference where your international travel is paid for, accommodation is paid for, and you should not have any expenses whatsoever. Great, right?

The problem with these conferences is that they can be quite hard to find online. It is for this reason exactly that I have decided to share with you a list of all the places online where you can find these conferences.

The List of Fully Funded Student and Youth Opportunities

This is one of the best lists out there. I should know, I created it! It is updated daily and new fully funded opportunities are added as soon as they come up.

Other websites that list these conferences as well are:

  1. Opportunity Desk

2. YouthOP

3. Opportunities for Africans

4. Opportunity Diary

There you go. This should be all you need to find the perfect fully funded conference. Good luck with your applications.

And don’t forget, embellishing is not exactly lying!