Empowering the FEAR Wolf NFT: Muon Tech at Forefront of Major Partner NFT Launch

FEAR is launching a cross-chain flagship NFT, The FEAR Wolf, using Muon Tech.

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3 min readMay 2, 2022


FEAR, one of Muon’s core partners, and one of the most popular platforms for horror games, is out with an innovative NFT launch. By integrating Muon Tech, The FEAR Wolf NFT gains increased utility and in-game perks such as cross-chain and cross-game functionality, governance participation, and early-access to upcoming prospects from the FEAR platform.

Introducing FEAR Wolf:

FEAR’s flagship NFT comes with unique in-game perks across all the games in the FEAR ecosystem as well as upcoming releases.

FEAR Wolf will emerge in a variety of different and unique manifestations throughout the FEAR ecosystem, appearing in both 2D and 3D forms with distinct aesthetics and utility.

Beyond in-game utility, FEAR Wolf owners will gain access to numerous benefits such as FEAR platform’s metaverse governance and early-access to NFT pre-sales and digital content.

Moreover, FEAR Wolf owners will also play a major role in shaping the future of the FEAR horror-verse.

“The Wolf is in essence FEAR’s metaverse INO. The Wolf differentiates itself from other conventional games by having cross-game utility manifesting itself in both 2D and 3D forms in our games coming out this year. Our creative and gaming teams have been working on this NFT collection for months now so not only is it aesthetically stunning, but it will help gamers claw-in more earnings, defend players and enhance in-game performance. Indeed an NFT with claws!” — Patrick Carey, FEAR Co-Founder

Empowering NFTs with Muon Tech

Muon’s MRC-721 token standard and its permissionless NFT bridge has been pivotal in unlocking greater utility for NFTs and NFT projects in the rapidly growing metaverse ecosystem.

Muon is providing the infrastructure for partners and users alike to access a better cross-chain token standard that is easier to access, connected to a wider range of chains, and allows for cheaper minting.

FEAR Wolf will be one of the many public displays of Muon’s tech for NFTs. By utilizing Muon’s MRC-721 token standard and permissionless NFT bridge, FEAR Wolf gains increased utility by being able to move freely between different chains coupled with numerous cross-chain functionalities such as cheaper minting, increased accessibility, and better compatibility with other chains.

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