Introducing the Muon Playground: Sandbox for Devs and Builders

Inviting Developers to the Muon Playground to Playtest the Next-Generation of dApps

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2 min readMay 25, 2022


3rd-party Developers are an integral part of the Muon network. Muon strives to simplify the development and integration of creative solutions with a variety of tools, including token standards, oracle technology, SDKs, Muon apps, and more.

Adding to the extended list of Muon’s powerful development tools, Muon has come up with a solution that empowers developers with unaltered access to tinker with the next generation of decentralized apps and smart contracts using the Muon Playground.

Introducing Muon Playground

A gateway for developers to connect and innovate in the Muon ecosystem.

Muon Playground is an isolated testing environment for Muon Apps. It enables developers to debug, break down, visualize, and analyze each component of the Muon App smart contracts via sample requests.

Developers can immerse themselves into the Muon ecosystem by crafting and analyzing these sample requests in the Muon playground to understand how each Muon app works.

To test out sample requests, visit

Here’s an example request for “aggregated_oracles”: A Muon App that uses oracles to calculate price for the DEUS token from multiple decentralized exchanges.

Muon: Built for Seamless Development

Muon recognizes the importance of developers in the crypto ecosystem and strives to optimize development and deployment of innovative products.

3rd-party developers are at the heart of Muon’s infrastructure. By providing a basic, low-constraint layer, the Muon network was built to provide the perfect platform for a new generation of decentralized apps that are more efficient, optimized, cheaper to deploy, and easier to build.

With features such as access to diverse chains, compatibility with various programming languages and software kits, faster and easier deployment, Muon aims to make building sophisticated solutions as simple as possible.

Muon Network

Muon is a decentralized node network enabling applications to run on-chain, off-chain & cross-chain. Its technology allows for projects to build customizable web3 solutions that enable possibilities beyond the existing constraints of blockchain.

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