$MUON Community Pre-Sale FAQ

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3 min readJul 24, 2022


When is the community pre-sale?

The Muon Network $MUON community pre-sale begins on August 7th, 2022. There will be two phases:

How do I participate in the community pre-sale?

There will be a dedicated pre-sale page where you can view all the instructions and details on how to get your $MUON.

Who can take part?

From the 7th of August, users who have been whitelisted can access the first phase of the pre-sale, then from day 4 (August 10th) anyone will be able to purchase $MUON.

How can I buy $MUON in the pre-sale?

$MUON can be purchased via the pre-sale page with $USDC on any of the following chains:

  • Arbitrum
  • Avalanche
  • BSC
  • Ethereum
  • Fantom
  • Polygon
  • Optimism

Can I still be whitelisted?

The general whitelist is closed. However, opportunities remain for business development/partnerships and interested parties should contact us via email: contact@muon.net

How do I know if I’m on the whitelist?

A) You filled out the whitelist form in 2021

B) When connecting your wallet to the pre-sale page, it will show your eligibility for phase 1

Note: For any whitelisted members who believe their wallet address submitted in the whitelist form has since been lost or compromised, please contact our team directly to verify and update your chosen wallet address

What will be the price of $MUON for the community pre-sale?

$0.02 per token.

What will be the listing price for $MUON at launch?

$0.03 per token.

If I participate in the community pre-sale, when will I receive my tokens?

Pre-sale tokens start to become available at launch. Only a portion of pre-sale tokens (10%) will be available immediately, as they are released according to the token vesting schedule.

Is there a max buy per address/wallet?

There will be daily purchase limits in place per wallet for the first 5 days of the pre-sale (including the entire whitelist phase). The limits will be as follows:

Will there be a vesting period? If so, how long will it be?

Yes. Pre-sale tokens form part of the Angel Round in our tokenomics, and are therefore vested for a total period of 27 months. Visit our website for further vesting period details.

When is the official $MUON token launch?

The official token launch of $MUON is to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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