$MUON Launch Explained

Four Steps to Unleashing $MUON

Muon Joel


Muon’s recent announcement means the time for the community to get their hands on some coveted $MUON is nearing, with the community pre-sale marking the beginning of our path to the token launch. Despite the challenging market conditions, several mechanisms are being implemented to ensure a healthy, fair and secure launch campaign.

Read on below for the four major steps to occur between now and the $MUON token launch:

Step 1: Community Pre-Sale (August 7th)

The Community Pre-Sale will run as follows:

  • Day 1–3: Whitelisted users are able to purchase up to a predetermined daily amount of $MUON.
  • Day 4–5: Pre-sale will be opened to non-whitelisted members, meaning that anyone can purchase up to the daily limit for a further 2 days.
  • Day 6-onwards: Any remaining $MUON still unsold can be purchased without limit at the presale price of $0.02

Purchasing will occur on the soon-to-be released presale app. The app provides users with tools to purchase $MUON allocations and a dashboard that displays the amount of the tokens waiting to be claimed upon launch. With the pre-sale app supported by Muon tech, users can purchase tokens from several Muon-compatible chains. Exact details are to be announced very soon.

Step 2: DAO Maker SHO (Date TBC)

Following the commencement of the community presale, our launch partner, DAO Maker, will be running their private SHO (Strong Hands Offering) Sale. Over the past year, the DAO Maker team have been instrumental in structuring the launch as well as providing guidance and expertise on project management. This sale has a set $MUON allocation to be sold to eligible members within the DAO Maker community.

If you are interested in taking part in this sale, be sure to keep an eye out on DAO Maker’s socials, and check out their website for sale requirements.

Step 3: Bonds Program (Date TBC)

The $MUON Bonds program offers fixed, low-interest returns in $MUON to users in exchange for $USDC. In a similar fashion to how government T-Bonds operate, users will provide an overcollateralized $USDC loan, and in exchange will receive interest paid in $MUON. Bond owners will also be able to forfeit their bonded $USDC in exchange for the equivalent amount in $MUON.

Bonds offer a relatively low-risk alternative for investors in these challenging market conditions, and are set to go live at some point in between the pre-sale and token launch. Stay tuned for more detailed information to come!

Step 4: Public Token Launch (Date TBC)

Then at last! What everyone has been waiting for: the launch of $MUON!

$MUON will be launched across multiple chains, with DEX and CEX listings for each one. This will provide excellent opportunities for project promotion (via listing campaigns) as well as a wide range of choices for both traders and investors.

The public launch will also mark the release of pre-sale and some other early round tokens. You can find the exact details in the vesting schedule on our website.

Muon Network

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