$MUON Tokenomics Explained

Built on Utility & Long-Term Incentives

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3 min readJul 27, 2022


The $MUON token is designed to incentivize network participants in the most efficient way and maximize network value, with regards to tech development, marketing/community and network incentives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Initial launch Marketcap of $MUON = ~$1.5M (~45M x $0.03)
  • Circulating supply will be much lower than max supply
  • Tokens are vested over a maximum period of 4 years from launch
  • Ecosystem rewards will be released slowly over up to ~10 years

The following is a breakdown of the token distribution and vesting release schedule for $MUON:

$MUON Release Schedule

The total supply of $MUON is vested for a period of 4 years (48 months), with regular unlocks for each of the groups. For full details, you can see the above graph or check out our token launch page.

Here are a few key details to note:

  • 10% of all community investment rounds (Seed + Angel + SHO) will be unlocked at launch; these will be fully unlocked in 27 months. (This will include the community pre-sale.)
  • Just 44.5M tokens (or 4.45% of the total supply) will be unlocked at launch. This will increase to 74M (7.4%) after 4 weeks.
  • Development & partner tokens will NOT be unlocked until after 1 year, and will take the full 4 years to be fully unlocked.
  • Although in theory the total supply of $MUON is 1 billion, the ecosystem incentives for node operators will be released over a long period of time (estimated between 4–10 years).

Token Distribution

The total (and max) supply of $MUON is 1 billion, and will be distributed as follows:

30% (300,000,000) — Ecosystem Rewards: Set aside for incentivizing Muon network nodes operators and other network activities

9% (90,000,000) — Marketing & Reserve: Funding for information/marketing campaigns/events + reserve token funds.

17% (170,000,000) — LP Deposits/Incentives, Market Making & Staking: Used to help incentivize deep liquidity for trading of $MUON across multiple marketplaces (both CEXes & DEXes), as well as staking incentives for holders.

6% (60,000,000) — Seed Round: Given to early stage investors who provide the initial project funding.

6% (60,000,000) — Partners & Advisors: Token allocations for select early stage project partners and advisors.

7% (70,000,000) — Angel Round: Includes tokens for the community pre-sale, as well as other early investment sales.

6% (60,000,000) — SHO (DAO Maker Community Pre-Sale): Supply for launch partner DAO Maker’s community pre-sale SHO (Strong Hands Offering).

19% (190,000,000) — Development, Project & Team: Supply for development, project and Muon team.

Muon Network

Muon is a decentralized optimistic oracle network that carries out data requests from any source. It acts as a unique inter-blockchain data-availability network that makes messaging and secure data interfacing possible between different chains that are otherwise incompatible.

Learn about Muon here.

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